¿Te acuerdas de esa pizzería a la que solíamos ir?Do you remember that pizza place that we offered to walk to?¿Recuerdas cuál era el nombre del dueño?Do friend remember the owner’s name?

How execute you in reality say “remember” in thedesigningfairy.com? Is it acordarse or is that recordar?

While both verbs mean “to remember,” they each duty differently in a grammatical sense and also vary in sentence structure.

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Keep reading to learn around how to usage acordarse together a pronominal (or reflexive) verb and also recordar as a transitive verb.

The Differences in between Acordarse and Recordar

While acordarse and recordar are interchangeable interchangeable in meaning, they have a few important distinctions to note:

Acordarse is a pronominal verb that uses a reflex pronounAcordarse always precedes the preposition deRecordar can typical “to remember” and also “to remind.”

What perform they have actually in common? they’re both stem-changing verbs! (See more about this below.)

Acordarse vs Recordar: Grammar and Sentence Structure


Don’t we use acordarse and recordar in the very same way? Well, no exactly. If they’re very similar verbs they have some distinctions into how they need to be applied.

In this ar I display some differences between the grammar and also sentence structure and how they’re different with each among the verbs.

1. Acordarse is a pronominal verb.

A “pronominal verb” is one umbrella term used to categorize different types of reflex verbs. You might recall that reflexive verbs require a reflexive pronoun. This is a rapid review!

Subject PronounReflexive Pronoun

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As you saw in the conjugation ar above, as soon as you conjugate acordarse, you need to use the reflex pronoun the agrees through the topic pronoun.

Yo me acuerdo.I remember.

¡No me acuerdo!I can’t remember!

Subject pronoun: yo

Reflexive pronoun: me

Nosotros nos acordamos.We remember.

¡No nos acordamos!We can not remember!

Subject pronoun: nosotros

Reflexive pronoun: nos

2. Acordarse is always followed through de.

Using the two example sentences native above, we can develop the adhering to examples:

Yo me acuerdo de ti.I psychic you.

Nosotros nos acordamos de llamarte.We psychic to call you.


3. Recordar is a transitive verb.

The team “transitive verb” simply method that the verb demands a direct object. To it is in clear, a straight object is a sentence, word, or phrase that obtain the action from the verb.

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Here’s a supervisor easy instance to know the straight object:

Como una pizza todos los días.I eat a pizza every day.

In this example, “pizza” is the direct object. It answers the question, “What?”

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4. Recordar a means “to remind.”

When the preposition a complies with the verb recordar, it method “to remind.” The preposition is essential and also you’ll view it move about a sentence, relying on the forced structure.

A question, because that example, calls for that the preposition is inserted at the beginning:

¿A qué te recuerda el olor a papas fritas?What walk the smell of french fries remind you of?

A statement needs the preposition a to follow the verb:

Su tono de voz me recuerda a un amigo.His ton of voice reminds me of a friend.

To remind someone to do something, the verb in the subordinating i is good-bye (recordar a alguien que haga algo):

Le recuerdo a mi hermano que saque la basura.I repeat my brothers to take out the trash.

5. Different common nouns derive from each verb.

The noun el recuerdo comes from recordar, at the same time the noun el acuerdo comes from acordar, yet they have really different meanings!

el recuerdo – memoryel acuerdo – agreement

For example:

Esa canción me trae muchos recuerdos.That track brings back so countless memories.

Finalmente llegamos a un acuerdo con el vendedor.We lastly reached an agreement with the seller.


6. Each verb is a stem-changing verb.

Acordarse and recordar are stem-changing verbs. The stem change for both acordar(se) and also recordar is o-ue.

Recordar – Recuerdo, recuerdas, recuerda, recuerdanAcordar – Acuerdo, acuerdas, acuerda, acuerdan

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How to Conjugate “Remember” in thedesigningfairy.com

The complying with charts present you every you need to recognize for conjugating both verb that mean “to remember” in thedesigningfairy.com. Each verb set includes example thedesigningfairy.com sentence in the it s too dirty shown.

Acordarse Conjugation

Simple present – presente simple
yome acuerdo
te acuerdas
él/ella/ustedse acuerda
nosotrosnos acordamos
ustedesse acuerdan
vosotrosos acordáis
ellos(as)se acuerdan
Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

¿Te acuerdas del río donde jugábamos?Do you remember the river which we offered to play in?

Nos acordamos perfectamente de lo que tenemos que hacer.We remember, perfectly, what we need to do.

¿Os acordáis de cómo se veían los tipos que os asaltaron?Do you remember what the guys who mugged you looked like?

Simple previous – pretérito simple
yome acordé
te acordaste
él/ella/ustedse acordó
nosotrosnos acordamos
ustedesse acordaron
vosotrosos acordasteis
ellos(as)se acordaron
Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

Hoy sí me acordé de traer la tarea de física fundamental.Today ns did mental to bring the physics homework.

¿Se acordó de enviarme la papelería que le encargué?Did friend remember to send me the paperwork i requested?

No nos acordamos de traer el dinero para comprar la pizza.We did not remember to bring the money come buy the pizza.

Simple Future – futuro simple
yome acordaré
te acordarás
él/ella/ustedse acordará
nosotrosnos acordaremos
ustedesse acordarán
vosotrosos acordaréis
ellos(as)se acordarán
Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

De viejo, me acordaré de los momentos que estoy viviendo ahora.When i’m old, i’m going come remember the moments that i am living right now.

¿Estás segura que te acordarás de traer todas las verduras del mercado sin la lista?Are you certain that you space going come remember to carry every vegetable from the industry without the list?

Tus hermanos no se acordarán de cómo los trataste.Your brothers (or siblings) won’t remember how you treated them.


Present good-bye – el presente del subjuntivo
yome acuerde
tute acuerdes
él/ella/ustedse acuerde
nosotrosnos acordemos
ustedesse acuerden
vosotrosos acordéis
ellos(as)se acuerden

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Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

No es que yo nunca me acuerde de mis amigos, es que ellos nunca se acuerdan de mí.It is not that I never ever remember mine friends, it’s the they never ever remember me.

El problema actual aquí es que no te acuerdes de cómo dividir.The real trouble here is the you don’t remember how to divide.

Que no os acordéis no significa que no sucedió.(The fact) that you nothing remember, doesn’t mean that it no happen.

Imperative (Command) – el imperativo

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Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

¡Acuerdense de lavarse las manos antes de comer!Remember to wash your hands prior to eating!

Acuerdate de mi nombre.Remember my name.

Acuérdese de la deuda que tiene pendiente conmigo.Remember the pending debt that you have with me.

Recordar Conjugation

Simple current – presente simple
Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

¿Recuerdas la last del mundial del 2006?Do girlfriend remember the 2006 civilization Cup final?

¡Sí la recuerdo! Italia le ganó a Francia en penales.Yes, i remember it! Italy beat France in a punish shootout.

Recordamos a tu abuelita con mucho cariño.We remember her granny with a the majority of love.

Simple previous – pretérito simple
Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

¿Recordaron hacer el experimento para biología?Did friend remember to carry out the experiment because that biology?

A la hora del examen, no recordé absolutamente nada de lo que estudiamos anoche.*At the time of the exam, ns did not remember absolutely anything that we studied last night.

¿Recordaste envolver los regalos?Did you remember to wrap the presents?


Simple Future – futuro simple
Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

Lo recordaré siempre.I will constantly remember it (or him).

Recordaréis este día con alegría.You will certainly remember this particular day with joy.

Mañana ya no recordarás nada de lo que me dijiste hoy.Tomorrow you won’t remember anything that you called me today.

Present subjunctive – el presente del subjuntivo
Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

– ¿Nos dijeron que el combo que pedimos incluía refill?– No que yo recuerde.

– walk they tell us that the combo we ordered contained refills?– not that ns remember.

Independientemente de que lo recuerdes o no, eso así fue.Whether friend remember the or not, that taken place like that.

Que no se recuerden no es problema mío.It no my difficulty if you nothing remember it.

Imperative (Command) – el imperativo

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Example thedesigningfairy.com Sentences

¡Recuérdame!Remember me!

Recuerde quién es usted!Remember that you are! (formal)

Recordemos a las víctimas de esa gran tragedia con un minuto de silencio.Let’s remember the victims of that great tragedy with a minute of silence.

Common Mistakes also Native speaker Make

After mastering the difference in between these two verbs, you take it your understanding with girlfriend in your next thedesigningfairy.com conversation. However your native thedesigningfairy.com-speaking friend keeps saying me recuerdo. What!?

The truth is, also native thedesigningfairy.com speakers make these usual mistakes! other mistakes you’re most likely to listen include:

Me recuerdo de ti.I psychic you!

No me recuerdo.I don’t remember.

¿Te recuerdas de la lección de español?Do you remember the thedesigningfairy.com lesson?

Acuerdo el olor de las flores.I remember the odor of the flowers.

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With her newly-equipped knowledge, you’ll it is in able to assist out your aboriginal thedesigningfairy.com-speaking friends improve their grammar skills!

Start Practicing with a skilled Native Speaker

Y bueno, ¿cómo vas a recordar todo esto?And well, how are friend going come remember all of this?

By practicing, the course!

If you haven’t already, authorize up because that a totally free thedesigningfairy.com class today v certified, indigenous thedesigningfairy.com-speaking teacher from Guatemala who sell student-tailored, 1-on-1 great designed to meet you at your level and assist you with fluency fast.