an officer"s rank in the British military or navy, or in the united state air force, naval Corps, shore Guard, or the united state police and also fire departments:

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a naval officer of high rank, over a commander, or a military officer of middle rank, above a lieutenant
plans to rise technical efficiency can operate through captains" training and also extension programs.
Perhaps many noteworthy to be the scarcity of farm labourers amongst the lieutenants, captains, and commandants that ran the movement in the parishes.
nowhere in these documents is the foolhardy riverboat captain or locomotive technician told directly why he need to slow down.
They also entertained those navy captains who properly escorted convoys, profitable them through presents and personally congratulating castle in published resolutions in the newspapers.
prior to the war, recently supported majors had served together captains because that an mean of five years and also four months.
There separate deals might be reduced with local seaside authorities, and if the price wasn"t appropriate the captain could simply move on.
However, as soon as one examines this letter in the paper definition of his various other correspondence, the captain is revealed to be a malcontent.
top top reflection, it have to be noticeable that the captain the the boat is cursed to acting in accordance with meshing subplans.
His public representative did not permit captains of ships to export food-grains beyond what were required for actual usage by those on board the ships.
once the captain tied down the boiler safety and security valve, the engines created enormous and sometimes boiler-exploding power.
The probate records of military captains, lieutenants and also surgeons explode with well-known histories, take trip narratives, classical texts, poetry and also the latest works of fiction.
marine captains balked at permitting scientists and engineers without any type of experience in ~ sea to design ships.
A non-owner captain operating in maritime fisheries has methods to demonstrate behavior contrasting come that found in agriculture.
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