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when Nick first meets Jordan at the Buchanan home in the an initial chapter that The great Gatsby, she is "a stranger come ." He defines her as

expanded full size at her finish of the divan, totally motionless, and with her chin increased a little, together if she were...

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When Nick an initial meets Jordan in ~ the Buchanan house in the very first chapter of The good Gatsby, she is "a stranger come ." He explains her as

extended complete length at her finish of the divan, fully motionless, and also with she chin increased a little, as if she to be balancing miscellaneous on it which was quite likely to fall. If she saw me out of the edge of she eyes she provided no note of it—indeed, i was practically surprised right into murmuring an apology for having disturbed she by coming in.

In Nick"s an initial description the Jordan, she appears as though she is posed, very closely "balancing something" and also "completely motionless." She reacts in no method at all to Nick start the room. That feels that is intruding upon her an individual space, due to the fact that he practically "murmur an apology for having actually disturbed her." This is a little odd; we can expect her to rise and greet the instead. Jordan is shown as aloof, and also Nick is not certain what to make of her, however he certainly doesn"t get a warmth welcome. When Daisy welcomes Nick, she speak him the girl is Jordan Baker, and she only really mildly acknowledges his presence. Nick remarks,

Almost any exhibition of finish self-sufficiency draws a stunned tribute native me.

Nick"s reaction is among surprise, and he explains his being taken aback at Jordan"s "self-sufficiency." Jordan, in various other words, appears to not require other people and also to care so tiny what lock think the her regarding remain almost totally still also after being formally introduced.

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As the chapter goes on, that learns much more about Jordan (namely that she is a somewhat famed golfer), and also Jordan ultimately speaks, exclaiming "Absolutely!" together a reply to one of Daisy"s comments. Nick explains this speech together sudden and also abrupt, for this reason he is again taken aback by she behavior. Nick walk say, together he proceeds to observe her, the he "enjoyed looking at her." Nick defines Jordan as repeatedly yawning, as though she is tho disinterested in the scene, and he calls she talk with Daisy "a bantering inconsequence that was never ever quite chatter." when Nick and also Jordan look at each other, the is a "glance consciously there is no of meaning." The fact that Daisy is trying to set these 2 up romantically seems odd offered their behavior, namely Jordan"s, throughout the scene. Jordan go perk up, though, when she to learn Nick is Gatsby"s neighbor. Once Jordan leaves the scene and also Daisy and Tom talk a bit an ext about Jordan"s habits (Tom thinks her family should control her more), Nick might be a little an ext doubtful about his interest in this young stranger.