Take I-45 southern toward Galveston (about 50 miles from Houston).EXIT 61st Street/West coast exit.Turn best at 61st Street.Stay top top 61st Street till it dead ends right into Seawall Blvd. (the beach!)Turn appropriate on Seawall Blvd.Continue because that 8 miles. NOTE: The Seawall ends and also it turns into FM 3005. You will pass beach houses on your left and also there will be lots of pasture land on her right.There is a traffic light in ~ the enntrance gate to Pirates beach & Pirates Cove, and you will certainly see 3 flags: Texas, U.S. And also Sand `N Sea Properties!Sand "N Sea properties is ~ above the northwest corner (on your right) at this intersection.TURN RIGHT right into the Pirates coast Shopping Center.You"ve arrived!

Driving directions to Galveston

No issue where you’re coming from, it’s straightforward to obtain to Galveston v convenient access from nearly all directions. You deserve to reach the Island by interstate & state highways, and also a vehicle ferry mechanism from Bolivar. Below are driving direction to Galveston from a couple of other major Texas cities.From airports and Ubers, to avoiding Houston traffic, our direction to Galveston, Texas, answer your questions. Uncover your fastest path to Galveston, TX 77554.

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Directions native Houston to Galveston

To with Galveston from the better Houston area, travel I-45 S for about 50 miles right into Galveston.

Choose among the adhering to exits:

Take departure 1A for Broadway Street/ TX-342 SpurTake leave 1C toward Harborside Dr./ TX-275

How to obtain to Galveston without Going with Houston

In Houston, traffic congestion at sirloin hour can add hours of travel time to her trip. If you would favor to steer clear of the website traffic that accompanies control on the city’s major highways, there are alternate solutions. You have the right to avoid frustration by taking the scenic routes to Galveston without going v Houston.

Routes preventing Houston come the EastUse your general practitioners to discover the route from your destination to TX-65 E near Winnie, TXTravel eastern on TX-65 E to TX-124 S/Gulfway Dr.Turn best on TX-124 SDrive south for 45 milesTake the port Bolivar - Galveston Ferry to GalvestonRoutes preventing Houston to the SouthUse your gps to find the route from your destination to Hwy 6 S close to Sugar Land, TXTravel southern on Hwy 6 S for 49 milesMerge top top I-45 SStay on I-45 S for approximately 5 mile to Galveston

Directions to Galveston native Dallas

The fastest route from Dallas/Fort precious is practically as simple as traveling from Houston. The distance to Galveston, Texas native Dallas is 289 miles of freeway driving.

Travel I-45 S for about 286 miles into Galveston.

Choose among the following exits:

Take departure 1A because that Broadway Street/ TX-342 SpurTake departure 1C towards Harborside Dr./ TX-275

If you prefer not to journey from Dallas to Galveston, it’s a short flight come Houston-Hobby Airport. Native there, pick one of number of shuttle alternatives or rent a car for the term of your vacation.

Directions to Galveston native Austin

Are you planning a pilgrimage to Galveston native Austin? monitor the directions below for a 3.5-hour drive through scenic landscape Texas that avoids toll roads.

Take I-35 SUse the second lane indigenous the right to take departure 230 because that TX-71 EStay top top TX-71 E for around 87 miles towards I-10Merge top top I-10 ETravel 76 miles into HoustonTake leave 768B for I-45 southern toward GalvestonStay ~ above I-45 S because that 49 miles into Galveston

Choose one of the following exits:

Take departure 1A because that Broadway Street/ TX-342 SpurTake departure 1C towards Harborside Dr./ TX-275

If you choose a shorter travel time, travel by airplane from AUS come the Houston Hobby plane (HOU).


Galveston Airports

While Scholes global Airport is situated in Galveston, no significant carriers have actually passenger flights there. Two major airports in surrounding Houston provide the best options: George shrub Intercontinental airplane (IAH) and also William P. Hobby airplane (HOU). Either airport is great choice, but passengers have tendency to have their an individual preferences in between the two.

What airport execute you fly into for Galveston?

IAH and also HOU both market a range of carriers, trip times and costs. However, most Galveston tourists who fly right into the area prefer Hobby Airport as result of its close proximity come Galveston. Understand is 42 miles and also only a 30-minute drive away.

If you space a cruiser looking for ways to obtain to the Galveston cruise port, hobby (HOU) provides travel convenient for you. Number of transportation providers offer round-trip shuttle service to the cruise port for passengers who fly right into Hobby. The will conserve you the price of a rental car and associated parking fees in ~ the cruise terminal.

How far is Galveston from the Houston airport?

Hobby is 42 miles from Galveston. IAH is around 80 miles from Galveston, but it’s located on the much north next of Houston. This method you’ll be managing heavy Houston web traffic in stimulate to get south previous the city. We advise guests to setup on a 2-3 hour take trip time indigenous IAH come Galveston throughout the summer months, when local Houstonians are also making their method to Galveston’s beaches.

Because it has the most trip service, IAH is an appealing choice for part passengers. Those that enjoy an ext flexibility with flight times and also ticket prices like the diverse an option at George bush Intercontinental Airport.

How lot is one Uber ride from Houston come Galveston?

Uber and other rideshare companies perform not have fixed rates. Their rates depend upon the time of day, pilgrimage distance and volume of client requesting service. Uber rides indigenous Hobby Airport to Galveston expense anywhere in between $55- $100+. Rides native IAH average in between $55- $150+.

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Our team in ~ Sand ‘N Seas strives come prepare you because that your next trip come Galveston. When you room relaxing on the beach, the last thing we want running through your head is "how far is Galveston, Texas native the airport" and also "when carry out I need to leave". Allow us assist answer your inquiries to ensure your getaway feels as relaxing together possible.