TV REVIEW: exactly how I MET YOUR mother SEASON 8 episode 23 “SOMETHING OLD”


Writers: Carter Bays and also Craig ThomasDirector: Pamela Fryman

SYNOPSIS: Robin digs feet in central Park trying to find a pendant she hidden as a teenager as her other old because that the wedding, if Barney bonds v her dad in ~ laser tag. On the other hand Marshall and Lily room preparing to leave brand-new York and need Ted’s assist deciding what come trash and also what to take it .

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REVIEW: sometimes an finishing makes an episode. Simply a single moment provides the mediocrity that came before and also leaves you glowing and also anticipating what’s walking to happen next. Whatever couple combination you’re “shipping” (yeah it’s in quote marks, I’m no down v your i know good lingo) it’s the moments between Ted and also Robin that space really the heart of the show. Native the minute the present began, it to be the story that Ted and Robin, and also how he ultimately lets go of her. She isn’t the mother, but she’s what’s protecting against him from relocating on, no issue what Ted says.

The Lily, Marshall, Ted storyline could have to be pulled out of the HIMYM bag of typical plots yet it’s believable for these characters and their bizarre interdependent relationship. Ted is insecure around his friends moving away and also as they fill up the old apartment, he refuses come let them throw away one old explode beanbag – the first piece the furniture the 3 of lock bought once they moved in together. But it walk feel prefer we’ve been here before. They’ve endured the separation of relocating out and even Lily and also Marshall having children but I suppose this plot is help to emphasise Ted’s unavoidable solitude, through Lily and also Marshall headed overseas and also Barney marrying his one true love. Ted’s wants every little thing to stay precisely the same and the beanbag represents a fond past. Time waits because that no male bro.

The Barney laser sign plot with him battling Robin’s father might seem silly and also it is, yet it exists purely to put doubt in the psychic of Robin. When she’s liven preoccupied through finding her pendant, Barney is bonding with her father, perhaps proving to her the they room a little too similar. Robin’s father defines her and winning his approval is constantly one that her major motivations. It’s straightforward to check out why she can question being in a connection with someone prefer him isn’t healthy and balanced or possibly she’s just searching for an excuse no to obtain married.

It’s actually refreshing to check out Robin freaking out a small about the wedding. Whatever has moved pretty fast and over current episodes Barney has actually been acting like the selfish bro the made him such a renowned character and it appears Robin is it s okay with every one of that because Barney will be Barney. Ted sensed something might be up and warned Barney and also of course Ted is the one there for her once nobody rather is.

Ted’s love because that Robin is pure and stupid and for most of us, simple to identify with. She can be wrong because that him yet to quote Alison Hannigan’s other good alter-ego “love renders you carry out the wacky”. In this instance Ted’s wacky is to abandon a task interview simply to assist Robin destruction a hole, since he loves her and also she’s offering him hope.

It’s refreshing that these later on episodes have actually some real emotional grit and also after what has mostly to be a mediocre season, the show is detect its voice and also what makes these characters tick once again.

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There’s just one episode left this season and also it seems Robin and Barney won’t be tie the knot till the final season begins in the fall. We know they both gain to the church however there space plenty of obstacles in your way. Once we gain to the wedding, Ted meets his mam to be. Are we yes, really going to watch that in the season 9 premiere? Or perform writers Bays and also Thomas have one more time jumping arrangement up your sleeves?

CONTINUITY: us revisit the triangle – the magical spot outside Marshall and Lily’s apartment whereby things simply disappear. This was first seen in season five’s Robin 101.