Learning Objective

use an alternative type of contribution margin when challenged with a source constraint.

Question: plenty of companies have restricted resources in such locations as job hours, device hours, facilities, and also materials. These constraints will certainly likely influence a company’s capacity to develop goods or provide services. Once a company that produce multiple assets faces a constraint, managers regularly calculate the donation margin per unit that constraint in enhancement to the donation margin every unit. The contribution margin per unit of constraintThe contribution margin every unit split by the units of constrained resource required to develop one unit that product.

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is the contribution margin per unit divided by the systems of constrained source required to develop one unit of product. How is this measure used by managers to make decisions when confronted with resource constraints?


Answer: Let’s research the Kayaks-For-Fun instance introduced previously in the chapter. The agency produces two kayak models, River and Sea. Based on the information shown, Kayaks-For-Fun would prefer to sell more of the flow model because it has actually the greatest contribution margin per unit.


Kayaks-For-Fun has a full of 320 job hours available each month. The dedicated skills compelled to construct the kayaks renders it an overwhelming for monitoring to find added workers. Assume the River version requires 4 labor hrs per unit and also the Sea model requires 1 labor hour per unit (most of the variable price for the Sea model is regarded expensive materials forced for production). Kayaks-For-Fun sells whatever it produces. Provided its labor hours constraint, the company would prefer to maximize the donation margin per job hour.


Based ~ above this information, Kayaks-For-Fun would prefer to market the Sea model because it gives a contribution margin per labor hour that $150 versus $100 because that the river model. The company would prefer just to make the Sea model, which would yield a complete contribution margin the $48,000 (= $150 × 320 hours). If the River design were the only model produced, the full contribution margin to the agency would it is in $32,000 (= $100 × 320 hours).

Analysis such as this frequently leads to further investigation. It may be that Kayaks-For-Fun have the right to find added labor to minimize this resource constraint. Or perhaps the production process can be modified in a means that to reduce the labor forced to develop the River version (e.g., through raised automation). Every little thing the outcome, companies with limited resources room wise to calculation the donation margin every unit of constrained resource.

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Key Takeaway

countless organizations operate with restricted resources in locations such together labor hours, maker hours, facilities, or materials. The donation margin every unit of constraint is a helpful measure in determining how constrained resources should be utilized.

Review problem 6.6

This review difficulty is based on the details for Kayaks-For-Fun gift previously. Assume Kayaks-For-Fun found added labor, thereby eliminating this resource constraint. However, the company now faces limited available an equipment hours. It has actually a complete of 3,000 machine hours easily accessible each month. The River version requires 16 an equipment hours every unit, and the Sea model requires 10 machine hours every unit.

calculation the contribution margin per unit of constrained source for each model. Which version would Kayaks-For-Fun choose to market to maximize overall company profit?

Solution come Review trouble 6.6



Kayaks-For-Fun would like to sell the river model since it provides a donation margin per machine hour that $25 contrasted to $15 because that the Sea model. If only the River design were sold, the total contribution margin would be $75,000 (= $25 × 3,000 machine hours). If just the Sea version were sold, the complete contribution margin would certainly be $45,000 (= $15 × 3,000 maker hours).