If you’re reading this article, chances are you acquired dragged come a sporting activities bar by a friend who wanted to watch part UFC fights. Regrettably for you, girlfriend didn’t know exactly how long the entirety card would certainly last. And also now you’re wondering, exactly how long does a UFC event last?

A UFC event frequently lasts about 6 hrs from begin to finish. This way 6 hours starting from the first scheduled bout on the early prelims (starting at approximately 7:00 pm), up until the finish of the main occasion (usually finishing after 12:00 am). However, the main card that the event usually just lasts around 2 hours, and typically consists of around 5 fights.

There space a lot of components that go into the total length of a UFC event. Probably you only want to recognize the length of the prelims, or the key event. In the rest of this article, ns will attend to questions and factors relating to the size of a UFC card.

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If you to be instead looking for the length of an separation, personal, instance UFC fight, girlfriend can find that here: how Long go A UFC hit Last?

I desire to note that any times discussed in this article are in relationship to the moment zone in i m sorry the hit takes place. So because that example, many UFC occasions are held in las Vegas, where the Main event starts in ~ 10:00 pm. However, if you were watching the same occasion in new York, the Main event would start at 1:00 am.

Use this time zone map to number out as soon as the fights start in your time zone. UFC events are most typical in the Pacific (Las Vegas) and Eastern (NYC) time zones.

Likewise, if you’re top top the west coast, but the struggle is in NYC, then the Main event will begin at 7:00 afternoon in her time.

Please take this into consideration when looking at the time at which each section starts.

How long Does A UFC occasion Last at A sports Bar?

So prefer I stated earlier: if you’re analysis this, you’re more than likely at a sports bar wondering how long until the event is over. Well luckily because that you, a UFC occasion at a sports bar is actually shorter than the full length, as sporting activities bars carry out not show Early Prelim fights.

If you’re not sure what early Prelims or Prelims are, they are basically sections of the event that lead up to the key Event. The early Prelims, Prelims, and also Main occasion (shown in that order) every contain about 5 fights, with the ideal fights being scheduled for the key Event.

A sporting activities bar will only broadcast the Prelims and Main Card, an interpretation the bottom 4 fights that this event will no be shown, together they room exclusive to UFC hit Pass.

The early on Prelims usually begin at roughly 6:30 pm, and also end before 8:00 pm (which you deserve to see by looking in ~ a recent event on the UFC website). This way that if you watch a UFC event at a sporting activities bar, you save yourself around an hour and also a half of clock time.

Since the early on Prelims room not shown at sporting activities bars, the earliest struggle a sporting activities bar mirrors will be in ~ 8:00 pm, which is the time at which regular Prelims start.

And because a UFC event commonly ends a little bit after 12:00 am, the event will last around 4 hours at a sporting activities bar (from 8 afternoon – 12 am).

Can A UFC occasion End previously Than Expected?

It is possible for a UFC occasion to end previously than anticipated, reduce the size from the 6-hour average. This occurs when numerous of the main event fights finish in an early stoppage.

For example, UFC 142 was an occasion held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, headlined by a UFC featherweight bout between the champion Jose Aldo, and also the challenger Chad Mendes.

Of the five fights top top the main card, 4 of them finished in first-round stoppage, if the fifth ended in a third-round stoppage. The linked fight time in full for the 5 fights to be 23 minutes and 22 seconds!

UFC 142 had one that the shortest complete fight times because that a main event in UFC history, v a total time the 23 minutes and also 22 seconds.

That is a an extremely short fight time because that a key card. To placed it in perspective, the maximum scheduled fight time because that those 5 bouts to be 1 hour and 25 minutes!

The UFC 142 main card ended after less than 2 hours, and the whole event lasted less than 6 hours from begin to finish. In regional time, this method the main occasion started in ~ 10:00 pm, and ended at around 11:45 pm, very early for a UFC event.

A main event that go the complete allotted time deserve to last nearly three hours. This can reason the occasion to critical much longer than the 6-hour average.

This to be the unfortunate instance with UFC Sydney in 2017, which damaged the document for the longest occasion in UFC history. The main card it is long 3 hours, and the entire event it is long 7 hours from begin to finish. In neighborhood time, the main occasion would have actually been native 10:00 afternoon to 1:00 am.

Due come the unfortunate lack of stoppage victories, UFC hit Night Sydney became the longest event in UFC history.

How lengthy Is Each ar Of A UFC Event? (Early Prelims, Prelims, key Event)

So as stated earlier, a UFC occasion is break-up up into three sections: early Prelims, Prelims, and also the key Event. These sections room ordered by the excitement and anticipation because that the fights in them.

For the same reason, the following section will have much more fights 보다 the previous one, which typically way 3 early on Prelim fights, 4 Prelim fights, and also 5 Main event fights.

The Main occasion will have the most exciting fights, comprise champions, previous champions and also UFC veterans. In contrast, the at an early stage Prelims will certainly contain up and also coming fighters, with numerous of them making their UFC debut. Oftentimes any kind of fights held before the Main occasion (aka key card) are described as the ‘undercard’.

At UFC 245, chase Hooper vs Daniel Teymur was on the at an early stage Prelims. This was due to Hooper (center) do his UFC debut, while Teymur (right) had actually a UFC document of 1-3.

Each section has actually differing lengths that time the they last, mostly because of the number of fights scheduled. Therefore here, I’ll detail the typical length of each section.

Early Prelims

The early on Prelims commonly feature 3 fights, although they can feature 4 fights on rarely occasions. Together of this post, the early on Prelims are exclusive come the UFC Fight pass streaming service, i m sorry is why at an early stage prelims room not broadcasted at sporting activities bars.

The beforehand Prelims are booked to begin at 6:30 pm, through the Prelims scheduled to begin at 8:00 pm. Because there are just three fights, the maximum possible fight time is 45 minutes, as each fight can only critical 15 minutes.

Another thing to consider about Early Prelims is that the fighters execute not acquire post-fight interviews, and do not acquire announced. This shaves time off the at an early stage Prelims, i m sorry the UFC go to keep viewership, together most people tune in because that the main Event.

With every this in mind, the early on Prelims have tendency to last around one hour, from 6:30 afternoon to 7:30 pm.


The Prelims generally feature 4 fights, and on rarely occasions, 5 fights. As usual with non-title fights, the bouts are scheduled for 15 minutes of fight time. This means a maximum feasible fight time of 1 hour.

The prelims commonly start at 8:00 pm, and end prior to the Main occasion starts in ~ 10:00 pm. The difference in between the at an early stage Prelims and the constant Prelims is that Prelim fighters obtain announced in the Octagon, and likewise get interviewed within the Octagon after their fight.

Prelim bout fighters get Octagon interviews after ~ the fight, together as viewed here, after ~ Geoff Neal beat Mike Perry top top the UFC 245 prelims.

For this reason, the Prelim bouts take much longer than beforehand Prelim bouts. Despite this, the extr time is no a lot.

The Prelims begin at 8:00 pm and usually end by 9:30 pm, meaning this section lasts around 1 hour and also 30 minutes.

Main Card

The main card is the most anticipated ar of the hit card. It is composed of the most high-profile fights. Because that this reason, the UFC has tendency to include 5 fights on the main card.

The length of the main card deserve to vary depending on one main factor: championship bouts. A championship bout have the right to be reserved for a preferably of 25 minutes. The last fight of the card will virtually always be reserved for 25 minutes.

However, the is pretty typical for the UFC to schedule 2 championship fights in one key event, and also sometimes even three. This method that with five fights ~ above the key card, booked fight time deserve to vary native 1 hour and 25 minutes, as much as 1 hour and also 45 minutes.

UFC 245 featured 3 championship fights out of five bouts in the key event.

On peak of that, us can include the extra time taken to have actually the battle aircraft walkout, gain introduced by the announcer, and get your post-fight interview.

However, regardless of the opportunity of the main event lasting 3+ hours, the truth is, it typically ends ~ 2 hours. This is since high-caliber fights tend to result in finishes, which renders the main card much shorter in length.

Taking all this in mind, the key Card generally lasts around 2 hours and also 30 minutes. It frequently starts at 10:00 pm and also ends at about 12:30 am.


So in conclusion, there are many factors the can change the size of a full UFC event, through the most important factor being the fights that finish early.

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In short, the key Card that a UFC event frequently lasts 2-3 hours, starting at 10:00 pm and also ending at roughly 12:30 am. However, a full UFC event, bring away from begin to finish, lasts about 6 hours. The early on Prelims start at roughly 6:30 pm, complied with by the Prelims in ~ 8:00 pm, v the final fights of the key Event ending at roughly 12:30 am.

I hope this article helped you understand just how long a UFC occasion is. Perhaps now you can figure out just how much time you have actually left till the event is over. If you chosen this post, please consider checking out comparable posts on the Martial Arts background page. Thanks for reading!