For action-sports daredevil Travis Pastrana, it’s no how many times he’s damaged a bone, it’s how you perform the maths.

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‘‘It’s yes, really confusing, since last year I damaged seven bones in my leg, ankle and foot, but I damaged those seven bones in 40 places,’’ the explains. ‘‘So is that one, since it’s one injury, seven due to the fact that it’s 7 bones, or 40 since it’s 40 fractures?’’


Nitro Circus stunt driver Travis Pastrana. This year"s circus has a retro circus theme, for this reason the elephant.

It’s a an excellent question, however possibly a meaningless one, as Pastrana most likely stopped counting part time ago. This is a man who damaged his first bone at age six, jumping turn off a slide. Later, in ~ 14, a serious FMX accident observed his spine different from his pelvis and he was left in a wheelchair for 3 months, throughout which time he to be doing wheelies about the hospital. ‘‘Well, what else space you going to do?’’ that says.

As the founder and main guy of the live-action sports spectacular Nitro Circus, Pastrana, 30, who hails native Maryland, US, and his team of stunt riders see damaged bones as component of your jobs.

For the uninitiated, Nitro Circus is a team of riders on anything native BMX bikes to motorcycles who pick not come bother v trifling details such as gravity and ground level. Instead, the target is to be airborne at various speeds and heights, through the aid of ramps and also other contraptions, consisting of their well known Gigant-A-Ramp – and also the danger gauge is constantly jacked up to extreme.

Pastrana’s insatiable thirst because that adrenalin-inducing tasks is obvious, but he states the key thing that keeps that going is the it’s just a the majority of fun.

‘‘For me, it’s the passion,’’ he says. ‘‘To be able to travel the human being with every your ideal friends. I view so many friends ago at home, they gain up and go ah, I got to walk to work. Whereas anyone of united state gets up and is therefore excited to go the end there.’’

Jaie Toohey, a 20-year-old BMX stunt performer native Lake Munmorah top top the main coast, experienced a horrific injury in 2010 while performing in Adelaide. Pulling turn off his signature move – the triple tailwhip backflip – he hit the ramp badly on his landing and also snapped his foot clean in half (graphic footage exists on YouTube).

‘‘It was the worst ache I’ve ever felt in mine life. There were civilization thedesigningfairy.coming as much as me, saying I could hear friend screaming from the crowd,’’ claims Toohey.

After a six-month recovery, he was performing the very same trick again in Stockholm, once the same thing happened. Does he ever before think about quitting?

‘‘No, certainly not,’’ that says. There’s never ever been a moment that i have thought, ‘oh injuries save happening, I can want to try something different’. That always,’ injuries happen, how long until I can get back on the bike?’ ’’

Pastrana, a motocross and X-Games champ, came into the spotlight once Nitro Circus introduced as an MTV series in 2009. In recent years, the show has been taken up together a live spectacular through Sydney businessman Mike Porra, who having reduced his teeth through the Crusty Demons brand rotate Nitro Circus into a worldwide phenomenon worth $50 million.

Porra says among the factors it’s so effective is the nothing beats obtaining close to live-action thrills.

‘‘The reason this really functions is it’s the only too much sport the you can go and see and also get best up close,’’ Porra says. ‘‘Here you have the right to see guys jumping 50 feet in the air over 100-feet gaps on dust bikes, and also every jump is a life-risking jump, and also you have the right to be sitting 20 feet away from it through a beer and a popcorn.’’

Bone-crunching aside, Nitro Circus is a household show, states Pastrana. ‘‘It’s funny because most parental thedesigningfairy.come due to the fact that the youngsters want to see the show and also most parents leave more excited than their kids and are like ‘Oh mine god, this is awesome.’ because that us, the a nice cool-fun, family members action-packed show. Many of us space ADHD and we’ve make the show for people who have quick attention spans and also just choose a many of activity and excitement.’’

Nitro Circus Gig May 23 and also 24, 7pm, and May 25, 2pm, Allphones Arena, Homebush.

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tickets From $79.90 add to booking fee, Live Daredevil, can’t-watch stunts in a fast-paced, family-friendly display highlighting the best in action sports.