Welcome to the Louisiana State plank of Dentistry

Our mission is to defend the windy by regulating the professions of dentistry and also dental restroom in Louisiana in accordance v the Dental exercise Act.

UPDATED LOUISIANA room OF health ORDER ***EFFECTIVE might 24, 2021***

Please check out the recent order from the Louisiana department of wellness HERE. It releases and terminates their April 20, 2020, and also June 4, 2020, orders along with any extensions of those orders.

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NEW deal with FOR THE LOUISIANA STATE board OF DENTISTRY ***EFFECTIVE might 3, 2021***

The Louisiana State board of Dentistry office has actually moved. Every mail must proceed to be sent out to our short article office box. P.O. Box 5256 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821-5256

If you wish to overnight documents to the plank office, they must be sent to the brand-new physical deal with below. 18212 east Petroleum drive Suite 2-B Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809

The plank office telephone number of 225-219-7330 has actually remained the same.

UPDATED LOUISIANA department OF health ORDER EFFECTIVE JULY 2, 2020 ***ORDER RELEASED and TERMINATED might 24, 2021***

Please view the recent order native the Louisiana department of health HERE. That keeps in ar the provisions that the LDH order from June 4 i m sorry itself continued the order native April 20 enabling dentists and hygienists to perform only steps deemed “essential” and “time sensitive." This order has actually been prolonged until more notice. (EXTENSION finished MAY 24, 2021.)

The June 4 bespeak dispensed v the section of the April 20 bespeak that compelled dentists to contact each patience on who a dentist procedure had actually been performed in ~ 10-14 job to determine whether the patient had actually signs or symptom of COVID-19 or had actually tested hopeful for COVID-19.

LOUISIANA room OF health ORDEREFFECTIVE APRIL 20, 2020 ***ORDER RELEASED and also TERMINATED may 24, 2021***

The ahead order has been to update expanding allowed "essential" procedures to incorporate "time sensitive" steps effective April 20, 2020. Please check out the updated details HERE. Please see added information top top screening for and mimizing the hazard of infection of Covid-19 HERE. Please see below for guidance on allowable steps to comply through the recent update.

The Louisiana room of Health has actually issued a clarification of the order effective April 24. Please watch that info HERE.


The Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published “Interim epidemic Prevention and also Control Guidance for Dental Settings throughout the COVID-19 Response.” The Guidelines may be uncovered here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/dental-settings.html

Please be aware that, amongst other things in the new interim guidelines, the CDC recommends the dental health care providers must wear N95 masks while dealing with patients without covid-19. If N95 masks room not available, the dentist health treatment providers should at a minimum undertake a surgical mask follow me with a full confront shield. The constant recommendations space a mask and also eye defense or a challenge shield. Please evaluation the guidelines in their entirety.


Representatives the the LDA’s emerging Health concerns Rapid an answer Task Force and of the thedesigningfairy.com have actually been involved in discussions v LDH officials search clarification and added information pertaining to the dentist Provider Directive exit by LDH top top Tuesday, in march 17, 2020. Together you space doubtless aware, that directive needs dentists come limit therapy to just “essential” procedures for 30 days. A virtually identical directive aimed at practically all other varieties of health treatment providers was released the very next day.

The discussions through LDH resulted in the advance by LDA and also thedesigningfairy.com that the attached extr guidance because that dentists. This document has been authorized by LDH as a method of giving information to Louisiana dentists to help them in interpreting, and also complying with, the LDH directive. You re welcome this details here.

Also, several of you can be wondering about using teledentistry to treat patients and whether the is suitable to prescribe managed substances via teledentistry. On in march 16, the DEA post a webpage through information around a number of topics loved one to the coronavirus emergency, including the use of telemedicine in the prescribing of managed substances. Commonwealth law enables for the use of telemedicine during public health and wellness emergencies claimed by the Secretary of the U. S. Dept. Of health & human being Services, subject to specific provisions established on the DEA’s webpage: (1) The prescription is issued for a legitimate clinical purpose by a practitioner exhilaration in the normal course the his/her expert practice; (2) The telemedicine communication is performed using an audio-visual, real-time, two-way interactive interaction system; and also (3) The practitioner is exhilaration in accordance through applicable Federal and also State law. The commonwealth emergency declaration was issued on Jan. 31, 2020.


Due to comes to surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the board office will not be open up to visitors and also will carry out services via email or phone call only beginning March 17, 2020, until further notice.


The Louisiana State plank of Dentistry has actually learned of scam artists posing as Board office staff calling Louisiana dentists as part of an test fraud scheme. The callers recognize themselves together Board staff members or investigators and say the licensee is under examination for medicine trafficking by the Board and other entities consisting of local police, the medicine Enforcement firm (DEA) and/or the FBI, and demand money.

The callers might be “spoofing” the Board’s call number to make the calls show up legitimate. Please be advised the Louisiana State plank of Dentistry will certainly NEVER call licensees demanding money or payment that any type without conducting an main investigation. Additionally, the Board always contacts that licensees in writing concerning any investigation.

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If you obtain such a call, you have to refuse the need for payment. Perform not disclose any personal information (social defense numbers, bear dates, credit card numbers, etc.).

If you obtain a call and also the number appears to it is in the plank office number, you deserve to submit an virtual complaint through the Federal communications Commission (FCC) using the FCC customer Complaint site. Https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us

If the caller claims they room with the DEA, you have the right to report the scam using the DEA’s Extortion Scam online reporting form. Https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/pubs/pressreleases/extortion_scam.htm

Please speak to the plank office in ~ 225-219-7330 if you have any kind of questions.

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