Through his efforts with the Chicago Bulls, that led them come NBA championships number of times in his career.

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While Jordan would go on to develop one the the most well-known shoe present in athletic history, few of his many prized possessions space the NBA rings he earned.

Here’s what you should know around Michael Jordan’s NBA rings and also how countless he owns.

How many Rings does Michael Jordan Have?


Michael Jordan has earned six rings in his NBA career.

All those rings he winner while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

The year in i beg your pardon he winner his ring are:


Does Michael Jordan have actually The many NBA Rings?


No, Michael Jordan go not have actually the most NBA rings.

The document for the many NBA ring is 11.

That belong to invoice Russell the the Boston Celtics.

Along with Bill, several of his teammates also have several NBA rings.

They dominated the championships in the 1960s.

Once lock retired, Michael Jordan and also a few others ranked in the optimal 10 because that the many NBA rings.

The various other players who also have six rings room Kareem Abdul Jabbar and also Bob Cousy.

Could Michael Jordan have Won Eight Championship Rings?


Many speculate the Michael Jordan could have earned eight NBA championship rings had actually he ongoing to beat in the middle of his career.

The first three rings he won were in 1991, 1992, and 1993.

His intention to be to proceed playing because that the Chicago Bulls, but his father passed away unexpectedly.

Jordan returned home to take treatment of his family members and deal with his very own grief.

In an attempt to return to sports, he played baseball because that a year and a half.

However, the didn’t discover as lot success there together he go on the basketball court.

In 1996, he returned to the Chicago Bulls and helped them victory three much more championships in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

After 1998, Jordan officially retired.

Since he plainly had no difficulty playing back on the court regardless of his absence, it’s clear that he still had actually the passion, form, and skill to assist a team do it come the finals.

Had Jordan ongoing to play in 1994 and 1995, climate there’s a an excellent chance the he could have earn eight rings rather of six.

What carry out Michael Jordan’s NBA rings Look Like and Mean?


Every NBA ring is various from each other.

Each franchise chooses a designer to develop the ring.

The designer looks in ~ the entire season, the story of the team, the story the the last game, and then they make a ring out of it.

Because they’re an individual to each player, plenty of players find them priceless.

Here room the ring Jordan won v the Chicago Bulls and also what each one means.

1. The 1990–1991 Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Ring

Jordan’s very first ring came throughout a time as soon as the Chicago Bulls to be trying to prove themselves.

Until then, the Detroit Pistons had been a problem for them.

This season, they had actually their eye on the prize.

No one wanted the championship more than Michael Jordan.

The Bulls started off strong.

They had actually a 61-21 constant season which was superior in its own right.

Going right into the finals, they quickly won the an initial three games.

They’d only end up losing one game in the finals.

During the final match, they were up against the Los Angeles Lakers.

At this point, the LA Lakers to be a solid team that had actually a history of NBA championships.

Some critics wondered if the Bulls had the chops to take them on.

In particular, they wondered if Michael Jordan could work together a team player.

He showed he could in the game.

Jordan came away through 11 assists and also 32 points every game.

He was also awarded MVP.

They ended up beating the Lakers 5 times and earned themselves their first NBA championship ring.

It was also Jordan’s first.

To commemorate the event, Jostens was the jewelry firm chosen to design and produce the ring.

They wanted to make the Bulls’ first ring extra special.

In for this reason doing, they made your rings out of 10k gold.

The prior of the ring allowed the team to take it front and also center attention.

It features a bull made out of gold that matches the logo design of the Chicago Bulls.

Their name is closely scrawled in gold in between the bull’s horns.

White diamonds also dot approximately the ring.

The political parties of the ring also tell an amazing story.

On one side, that reads civilization Champions and additionally shows the NBA logo.

Along through the logo is the Bulls’ score for their season in ~ 15-2.

On the other side that the ring is the player’s name and jersey number.

The NBA trophy is in the middle with the season’s record around the trophy.

While this ring lacks diamonds, it comprised for that in gold.

The an easy gold and black architecture make it an especially unique among other championship rings.

2. The 1991–1992 Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Ring

The second win because that the Bulls, and also for Jordan, i will not ~ come easy.

They started the constant season strong, which put a huge target on your backs for the championship season.

One that the hardest groups they had actually to contend with very first was the Knicks.

They adopted some that the dirty play that the Pistons had used against Jordan previously.

In particular, they attempted to play tough and get ugly v their defense.

The Bulls driven through.

They slowed Jordan a small bit, but he still controlled to score an median of 31 points per game.

During the finals, they’d it is in up versus the Portland Trailblazers.

The Trailblazers had their own star, Clyde Drexler.

Many wonder if he might have the ability to shut the Bulls down.

The Bulls come alive instead.

Jordan ended up scoring 6 three-pointers which was a remarkable success in basketball at the time.

Both the Bulls and Trailblazers had actually a tie for the trophy until the Bulls managed to success the last two games.

It earn the Bulls and also Jordan their 2nd NBA championship ring.

Jordan additionally earned his 2nd MVP.

Jostens received an order native the franchise to do their second ring.

Instead of using the bull’s face on the former of the ring, this time they went with a bolder inscription.

The surname “Bulls” sit front and also center top top the ring.

It’s made out of 33 diamonds.

The front of the ring likewise has a slim taper come it to make the word stand out even more.

Around the ring space 28 baguette-cut diamonds which are larger in size.

The estimated complete weight the the diamonds is 1.5 carats.

There’s a considerable amount the gold provided in this ring as well.

It attributes 14k gold that weighs about 44.7 grams.

One side of the ring features Jordan’s name and also his jersey number.

It additionally has the team document for the season ~ above it at 67-15.

The whole side that it supplies gold to produce its inscriptions and also designs.

It also features the NBA trophy.

On the various other side that the ring, a far-ranging amount of yellow creates the face and also inscriptions ~ above it.

On this next is the NBA logo and the native “World Champions.”

It provides the year in i m sorry they winner the ring as “91” and “92.”

Below the NBA logo design are the words “BACK come BACK” denote the 2nd win in a row or the Bulls.

3. The 1992–1993 Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Ring

After the previous season to be over, Jordan didn’t record a break.

He walk on to play with the Dream Team in Barcelona for the Summer Olympics.

Exhausted, that still got in the NBA season with the expect of earning an additional NBA championship ring.

The Knicks want to put an finish to the Bulls’ reign.

Considering them your rivals, the Knicks believed they had actually what it took to put an end to the Bulls.

They were mistaken, however.

They won two games against the Knicks and also moved front in the season.

They walk up against the Phoenix Suns next and beat them double as well.

Jordan’s stats just became an ext impressive.

He averaged 41 points every game and had an all at once shooting score the 51%.

Remarkably, the Bulls won the championship yet again.

It to be their 3rd in the row and earned the nickname “three-peat.”

The ring come commemorate this occasion was even more special.

Jostens produced a distinctive shape for the ring.

Instead that the traditional circle or square, they provided a three-sided emblem shape.

On the face, they used a fire-red garnet that was very closely sculpted right into the shape of a bull’s face.

The red symbolized the Bulls’ team colors.

The bull’s challenge was then surrounding by 50 diamonds.

On one next of the ring were Jordan’s name and also jersey number.

It likewise held the Bulls’ playoff record at 15-4.

The trophy is additionally featured ~ above this side.

On the various other side of the ring is the NBA logo with the season’s year.

It likewise features the words “World Champions.”

Finally, come commemorate the truth that the Bulls had their 3rd championship in a row, the native “3-Peat” show up on the ring.

The ring as a entirety uses 14k gold.

4. The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls Championship Ring

After Michael Jordan went back from tending to his personal affairs and also trying his hand in ~ a baseball career, the Bulls were prepared to conquer once more.

Jordan was particularly eager come get ago on the court and prove the he was still a player who presented a challenge.

The 1996 season of the Bulls is one for the document books.

During the season, they ended up being the an initial NBA team to win more than 70 games.

In total, they’d end up winning 72.

They’d at some point go up versus the Seattle Supersonics.

They crushed them.

The Bulls would go ~ above to success three games of the series.

They’d beat castle in six games and also earn themselves an additional NBA title and also championship ring.

Once again, the franchise recruited Jostens to make the ring that would commemorate the record-breaking season.

They supplied 14k yellow in the architecture of the ring.

The challenge of the ring showed off the Bulls’ triumphs ideal from the start.

It attributes four NBA trophies.

Each trophy has actually a huge diamond the represents the ball.

They’re bigger than normal.

The trophies rest versus a smooth and also black stone that permits them come pop v color and shine.

A total of 74 diamonds surround the trophies.

On one side of the ring is Jordan’s name.

Beneath his surname is the name of the team, Bulls.

The surname sits on top of an engraving of the Bulls’ logo.

Beneath the bull room the season’s years and Jordan’s jersey number.

On the other side the the ring, the indigenous “World Champion” reside.

Below the is the NBA logo and also a nod come how numerous wins the team earned.

On either side of the NBA logo appears “72 Wins”.

It doesn’t show their losses together it does on various other rings.

Perhaps one of the most an individual inscriptions is at the bottom the this next of the ring.

It reads “Greatest Team Ever.”

This displayed the remarkable success of the team having actually won much more than 70 gamings in a solitary season.

5. The 1996–1997 Chicago Bulls Championship Ring

The 1997 season would carry a unique challenge for Jordan.

At this point, many people currently expected that the Bulls would be in the finals.

Their concern was that was going come play against them in the finals.

The Bulls had another good regular season through 69 wins.

They additionally breezed through most of the finals with hardly losing any kind of games.

The team they ended up playing against was the Utah Jazz.

This team featured the recent MVP, karl Malone.

It likewise featured man Stockton that would later on be chosen to the hall of Fame because that his remarkable performance as a allude guard.

At first, the Bulls won versus them.

They had won two games.

Then the Jazz came back and winner the next two.

The last game to be upon them, but Jordan had come to be ill through the flu.

His doctors warned him against playing together it could make him serious ill.

Jordan chose to beat anyway and also had a great game despite being very sick.

He scored 38 point out in the game and also helped the Bulls attain their 5th NBA championship ring.

Jostens rolled the end a new design for the 1997 ring.

The former of the ring features a bull’s challenge made completely out the white diamonds.

The only part of the bull no made the end of diamonds is the horns.

They’re made the end of pure silver, as are

the assorted muscle tendons that make up the bull’s face.

The architecture of the ring additionally mimicked an emblem shape that went therefore well with the shape of the bull’s head.

On one side of the ring is Jordan’s name.

Below his surname is 5 NBA trophies to suggest their five wins.

Below the trophies is his jersey number.

This next of the ring is entirely gold.

The other side the the ring likewise uses gold to present the words “World Champions.”

Below those native is the inscription “Team of the Decade.”

The NBA logo design sits in ~ the bottom that the ring through the United center just behind it.

The season’s year is likewise on this next of the ring.

10k yellow gold makes up the whole ring.

6. The 1997–1998 Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Ring

The 1998 season carried with the a lot of sadness.

Many believed that the empire of the Chicago Bulls was finally over.

Phil Jackson was no returning as head coach.

It was a move made by the franchise that couple of players supported.

Jordan refused to pat for any kind of other coach, and so he made decision that he’d it is in leaving after the 1998 season.

Despite this heavy news, the team played incredibly.

They’d sweep through many of the games aside from one of the Conference Finals versus the Pacers.

During that match-up, the Bulls would success the an initial two, adhered to by the Pacers winning the next two.

They both won the next collection of games.

It led them to a video game seven in which just one could emerge the victor.

Jordan play his best.

He scored 28 points and had ripe rebounds.

It enabled them to relocate ahead to the finals game against the Utah Jazz.

They were eager to upset the Bulls and also get revenge on your previous loss.

They controlled to success the very first game, however the Bulls put them in their place in the complying with games.

They earned their 6th championship ring.

The 1998 championship ring do by Jostens is a occupational of beauty.

It contains intricate designs the are easy to miss.

The confront of the ring features a large trophy with a 75-point high-quality diamond together the trophy’s basketball.

Yet there are an additional five, smaller, trophies make of diamonds in ~ the bigger one.

In total, 74 diamonds make up the ring’s face.

The rest of the ring uses 14k gold.

The top of the ring is made up of 18k gold.

One next of the ring functions the indigenous “World Champions” above the NBA logo.

The year the the season fits about the NBA logo.

Below the logo is a unique engraving that reads “Repeat 3-Peat.”

It’s a nod come the remarkable three repetitive wins in the Bulls’ current history.

On the other side of the ring is Jordan’s name.

It also features a bull based on the logo design of the team etched totally out the gold.

Below the bull’s confront is Jordan’s jersey number.


Michael Jordan has actually one of the most inspiring and incredible story in basketball.

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His capability and an abilities on the court are clearly indicated by his 6 NBA championship rings.