Are friend interested in acquiring to know Mexican beers? have you been wondering about branching the end from your favorite Corona? Or possibly you’re confused around whether Modelo and also Corona space actually the very same things?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone! and also the great news is, we’re below to shed light on all these questions and more. So join us to watch who comes the end on peak in the fight of Modelo vs Corona!

What’s Corona?

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Corona is one of the best-known beers the end there. It’s ubiquitous in that home nation of Mexico, and in the USA that the best selling imported beer. Its fame has actually spread further too – the the fifth most well-known beer worldwide.

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The best-known variation of Corona is Corona Extra. This is a pale lager through an alcohol content of 4.5 percent. Girlfriend can discover it in no fewer than 150 countries, do it among Mexico’s best contributions to an international commerce.

It was very first brewed in 1925 by Cerveceria Modelo – yes, there’s the name again! Today, it’s part of the corporate giant Modelo Grupo.

It’s many usually discovered in bottles, however in some countries, cans are available too. And also there’s a draft version if you prefer your beer indigenous the taps.

And if you’re watching her weight, you might be interested in Corona Light. This has actually just 99 calories in a 12-ounce bottle, and has one alcohol through volume that 3.4 percent.

What about Modelo?

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Did you spot the name of the brewery that provides Corona? Yes, it’s Modelo – prefer the beer! Both Corona and Modela belong to the very same brewer, Modelo Grupo.

There space actually three different kinds that Modelo: Modelo Especial, Modelo Light, and also Modelo Negra.

Of the three, Modelo Especial is the closest come Corona. That a pilsner, and also it too was brewed because that the an initial time virtually a century ago. It sits simply behind Corona in its penetration of the united state market, as the 2nd most famous imported beer. In 2019, it offered an superior 22 million cases.

The light version has slightly fewer calories than Corona – 95 in a 12-ounce can. It has actually a greater alcohol content, though, at 4 percent alcohol by volume.

Modelo Negra doesn’t have an noticeable comparator in the Corona family. It also was brewed for the very first time in 1925, evidently a busy year for the Modelo brewers! that a darker beer, brewed longer for a richer flavor. You’ll acquire a toasty malt aroma and a medium body.

Which tastes better?

When comparing Corona and Modelo, Corona Extra and also Modelo Especial are the most similar. We’re walking to placed them head to head.

Speaking of head, both have a very comparable amount the foam as soon as they’re poured in the same way. The texture is similar too.

Some people find the Modelo has a more powerful aroma 보다 the Corona. Some uncover Corona has a slightly crisper flavor, while Modelo is a little richer and also fuller.

This YouTube video clip of a remote taste test is a great resource to check out what one human being made the the differences between the two. Take a look in ~ the comments, and you’ll watch that no everyone agreed with his see of i beg your pardon one was better!

All this goes come show, of course, is the beer choice is a very personal thing. The best means to decision whether Corona or Modelo will hit the switch for friend is to try them both!

How have the right to you purchase it?

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Both beers are accessible in either cans or bottles. Person who is abnormal for many beers, the party of both brands are made of clear glass.

That way you have the right to see the beloved pale amber beer inside. Yet it also way that irradiate can acquire to the beer – and also that can reason the flavor to degrade over time. It’s for this reason that it’s necessary to store bottles of one of two people Corona Extra or Modelo Especial in the dark.

A far better option is to acquisition cans, whereby you have the right to be confident the beer hasn’t to be exposed come the light.

There space plenty of different sizes. In the USA, girlfriend can get 12-ounce or 24-ounce cans. The bottles host 12 ounces or 24 ounces too. But if you in Mexico, you have the right to buy a bottle that stop a lining 50 ounces! That must be more than enough to store you walk on a warm day!

And if you catering to a larger party – or want to share up – there space plenty that multi-buy options. Examine out the beer aisle in her supermarket, and you’ll discover cans in packs of 12, 18 or 24. Party are easily accessible in packs of 6, 12, 18 or 24 too.

How is the served?

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If you’re buying her beer in ~ a bar, you can expect both Corona and also Modelo to be served with a wedge the lime. The bartender will remove the party cap and also wedge the lime in the top.

The factors behind this are lost in the fog of time – however that hasn’t stopped the theories!

Some say the the lime was meant to be provided to clean the rim of the bottle. Others believe it detracted indigenous the aroma the beer the hadn’t travel well. And also still others case it repels the paris that could otherwise be attracted to the difficult liquid!

Whatever the purpose, a dash that lime is currently an intrinsic component of the mexican beer drink experience. And that’s the very same whether your beer of selection is a Corona or a Modelo.

Other merchandise

The popularity of both Corona and Modelo method that the beers have spawned an impressive selection of merchandise. For this reason which brand comes out on top?

When it concerns barware, both offer branded beer glasses. However Modelo walk one much better with a glass the mimics the shape of the distinctively squat beer bottle. Girlfriend can additionally get your hands on a whole host of various other bar accessories.

There’s a cool Modelo bottle opener ~ above a lanyard, therefore it’s constantly close to hand, to add a bar mat and also tap handles.

Corona has some great bottle openers too, consisting of one shaped favor a wedge that lime. Friend can also show her brand loyalty with a cute Corona lime wedge bucket. And for those who want to ensure their beer remains chilled, there’s even a neoprene beer party jacket.

The goods doesn’t prevent there. Pan of both beers can purchase baseball caps, bikinis, t-shirts and also beanies. Over there are indicators for man caves, and also even face masks! Anyone that remembers the stories about people boycotting Corona beer at an early stage in the pandemic may raise a smile at these.

When it concerns branded goods, then, it’s hard to pick a winner. However if we had to pick one, we think the Bluetooth speak shaped prefer a party may simply hand the crown to Corona!

Other mexican beers

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If you want to branch out beyond these 2 giants of mexican beer, there are plenty of others to pick from.

While Grupo Modelo is the biggest exporter of mexico beer, Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma – additionally known as FEMSA – is not far behind. That produces popular beers like Sol and Tecate. In between them, the two corporations account because that over 90 percent of all Mexican beer sales.

But there space a handful of mexican microbreweries too. Cerveceria san Angel, Pepe and also Joes, Beer Lounge, and Cerveceria Santa Fe Beer manufacturing facility are slowly becoming much better known. They often tend to brew ales, fairly than attempting to contend with the pilsners and also lagers created by the larger breweries.

If you desire to try a beer by a mexican microbrewery, you’ll require to gain yourself come Mexico! take a trip to a far better quality bar or bistro to get the ideal chance of tracking one down.


Renegade Brewing

Finally, us couldn’t talk around Mexican beer without stating the Michelada! Micheladas space a specialty that Mexico. They consist the beer combined with lime juice, frequently with a range of spices and other flavors included too. They’re offered in glasses through a salt-rimmed top.

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If you in Mexico and want to try one, make certain you recognize what to ask for. If girlfriend order a Michelada, you’re likely to obtain just the beer and lime juice. If you desire the extra sauces – prefer Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce – ask because that a Michelada preparada. The will give you a drink with an extra kick!

If going come Mexico isn’t likely to happen any time soon, why no make your very own Michelada in ~ home? It’s very easy, and also there are plenty of recipes online. And also if you do it with Corona or Modelo, you’ll be gaining an authentic mexico experience!

Who’s come out on optimal in the fight of the mexican beers?

We expect you’ve took pleasure in our testimonial of the similarities and also differences in between Corona and Modelo!

These two well-known beers are very alike in many respects. If you like a crisper flavor, you may prefer Corona. If you prefer your beers contempt richer and also fuller, Modelo may suit friend better.

But don’t take it our word because that it – shot them yourself! and while you’re in ~ it, why not mix you yourself up an really Michelada? that a an excellent way to obtain a taste that Mexico!