At the start of each year, the imperial Rumble kicks turn off the road to WrestleMania. Hosted in January, one of the most famous matches in professional wrestling place in motion the start for the map to the biggest event on WWE’s calendar. The winner the the complement earns a clues in the main event of WrestleMania for the WWE people Heavyweight Championship. When the royal Rumble is one of the most entertaining individual matches in wrestling, this year’s pay-per-view occasion as a totality is collection to it is in the best in recent memory. That consists of ticket prices on the second market.

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Currently royal Rumble ticket on TiqIQ have an average price of $518.28, which would certainly make this year Rumble the many expensive WWE pay-per-view event due to the fact that at least 2010 ~ above the an additional market. The price tops last year’s imperial Rumble, which had actually an average price the $419.65, and WrestleMania XXIX in ~ MetLife Stadium, with an median price the $396.75. Royal Rumble tickets this year are likewise 48% an ext expensive 보다 the present average price because that WrestleMania XXXI ticket on the an additional market, which have actually an mean price the $350.09.

There are a few factors that can be contributing to such a high price for this year’s event. The imperial Rumble will be organized at Wells Fargo facility in Philadelphia, a city wealthy with professional wrestling history. Philadelphia was residence to the innovative extreme Championship Wrestling transparent the 1990s and also still boasts a famous independant wrestles scene.

The match set for the WWE people Heavyweight Championship will as soon as again be Brock Lesnar versus John Cena, a main event that reduce this past August’s SummerSlam prices to your cheapest average in four years. At that event, Lesnar surprisingly conquered Cena to take the title and also has to be a rarity ~ above WWE television since, defending the title just once due to the fact that SummerSlam. That match was also against Cena at Night of champions in September through the challenger winning by disqualification, i beg your pardon does not make the title readjust hands.

Intrigue is also abound because that the imperial Rumble complement itself. If there’s typically a few surprise participants in the match, heading into Monday night only two the the 30 participants in the match have been announced. Those two, however, space two that the biggest names that can be involved. The an initial announced participant was roman inn Reigns, lengthy rumored together the favorite to success this year’s match. The various other entrant may be steering the many excitement for this match, Daniel Bryan. Bryan practically caused a riot amongst WWE pan by not being contained in last year’s royal Rumble match. He ultimately fought his method into the main occasion at WrestleMania XXX and won the title. Regrettably after simply two months with the title, Bryan experienced an injury that forced surgery and also has maintained him out of action since May. Bryan is a pan favorite and also his return has been long awaited by the WWE Universe.

A mixture of every one of those components have made need so high because that the event, the cheapest available ticket top top the an additional market is right now $256. That is an ext expensive 보다 the median price for all however four other WWE pay-per-view occasions over the past five years.

Below are the five most high value WWE occasions on the an additional market due to the fact that 2010, according to TiqIQ.

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2015 royal Rumble - Wells Fargo center - Avg. Price: $518.28, Get-in Price: $258

2014 imperial Rumble - Consol Energy facility - Avg. Price: $419.65, Get-in Price: $44

WrestleMania XXIX - MetLife stadion - Avg. Price: $396.75, Get-in Price: $104

WrestleMania XXXI - Levi’s stadion - Avg. Price: $350.09, Get-in Price: $81

WrestleMania XXVIII - sun Life stadion - Avg. Price: $339.56, Get-in Price: $50


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