How to CS far better - A league of Legends GuideHello everyone, my name is SoSexy and this is a overview on how to cs better. I have been a Team liquid user because that the past 5 years, largely playing Starcraft II. Ns then decided to switch to LoL so the I deserve to blame my loss on various other people. is promptly growing and also I feel favor contributing to this community. Numerous of the points you will certainly read right here come from assorted sources and individual thinking, packed with each other to provide something fresh. Here we go!What is cs?CS means 'creeps score' which means how plenty of minions/jungle monsters you have actually killed. In this analysis, i will focus purely on opponent minions, due to the fact that jungling requires various mechanics. Why is cs so critical then? because when you last hit a minion, you will certainly earn some gold. This procedure is dubbed 'farming'. Therefore, cs indicates just how much the a gold you have actually at a details point in the game. Civilization really understimate the prominence of cs, specifically at reduced elos. Remember, a kill is worth approximately 13 minions. Therefore, if the enemy has 13 cs and also he killed you two times while you have 39 cs, you two have around the exact same gold. Never forget this. In a nutshell, high cs = good, low cs = bad. How do I enhance at cs?Here is the jist of this guide. Ns am walking to show you some efficient guidelines in stimulate to enhance your capability to cs. Action 1) take a north rune page (if you space low level most likely you won't even have runes).STEP 2) take it no masteries (as above).STEP 3) operation a custom video game where you are alone. Pick the hero you want to boost with, walk to your lane and start farming. Remember: we just want to give minions the critical hit, in stimulate to acquire the gold. It does not issue if friend wound it beforehand - you won't get the gold uneven you execute him.STEP 4) compose down her cs at 10 minutes.If you normally play v runes and also you never practised this way, friend will discover this very hard. Her cs might be 10-20 under from what you would certainly usually attain with runes. Rinse and repeat. If friend can acquire in the habit of act 2-3 gamings per day, in 1-2 weeks you need to see renovations to your cs.Why no runes and also masteries?The reason is straightforward - less damages output and attack speed provides it harder to complete minions. Let's mean a minion has 100 health and your damages is 50. This method that when his health and wellness is half bar, you deserve to hit him and also be 100% sure that girlfriend will get the gold. Now try to imagine if friend only had 10 damage: the skill forced to read wellness bars and also adjusting the hit would be lot higher. Think the it together a weight training. If you can run 100 meter in 20 secs with 20 kilos on your shoulders, possibilities are that without weight you are gonna do it easier and faster.More maintain - Freezing and pushing the laneI think there room two techniques you deserve to train cs. Ns will contact one freezing and the various other pushing. Just how do we achieve this? A general dominance in organization of Legends is that, in a same scenario, girlfriend should shot to freeze your lane in order not to obtain too exposed come ganks. On the various other hand, if you gain an benefit (i.e. You room bot and also get a double kill) the right scenario is advertise the wave as fast as feasible and recalling. Why is that so? There space two reasons:1) The enemy will shed minions under tower, therefore his cs will certainly be lower.2) By advertise the wave, it will certainly take much more time because that minions come reach your tower, because of this you will have enought time to travel back to lane without shedding too plenty of cs.How perform we practise this two ideas then? Freezing: precisely as I described above. This is the 'standard' method of farming. You never ever touch the minions and also only last hit them.Pushing: advertise is the opposite. If you want to practise it, hit the minions as lot as you deserve to and try to push the tide as rapid as possible. Obviously, girlfriend should try not to miss last hits.Should I use skills?My thought on using skills for farming is this: only use skills if you would lose the minion. If two minions are around the very same health and receveing the exact same damage, opportunities are that if you only auto attack, among them will be killed by her minions prior to you cooldown resets. In this case, the is ok to usage a skill in bespeak to finish him (or reset your auto i m sorry woould otherwise it is in too slow - the exact same thing). This is the only rule that ns think it is worth. If you payment attention prior to you will most likely observe the it is ok to use an abilities when you need to push the lane an extremely fast - after all, friend are most likely going come recall instantly after, therefore you have actually no mana drawbacks.Remember that in a ideal scenario you desire to keep your skills to poke and engage the opponent hero. Also, you may be tempted by certain skills (i.e. Xerath's Q-W is remarkable at tide clearing) but remember: High cs by skills is not a measure of improvement. Use it together a critical resort, rather than your bread and also butter.Training v normal runes/masteriesOnce in a while, you should play a custom training game with your usual runes and also masteries. This will show you how easy it will be come cs after you have spent numerous games cursing the 1 hp difference and also give you a 'more normal' game feeling.BenchmarksHere space some benchmarks the you have the right to use to check out your improvements:- in ~ 5 minutes, 44 minions will have spawned.- at 10 minutes, 107 minions will have spawned. - in ~ 20 minutes, 234 minions will have spawned.- in ~ 30 minutes, 361 minions will have spawned.The numbers increases since there are much more cannon minions after ~ 10 and also 20 minutes.With full runes and masteries, friend should shot to achieve 95% cs in a solitary player tradition game. This way that at 10 minute you should have approximately 100 cs (I am a scrub yet I can hit that. Without runes and masteries, ns hit approximately 85).If friend watch pro games, friend will see that the players have actually amazing cs stats, contrasted to the fact that castle are handling pressure from an extremely high elo opponents. In one game of the 2015 korean Spring Finals, Easyhoon had actually 213 cs in ~ 20 minutes. 91% accuracy against the best of the ideal of Korea. Currently you will cry, close this page and open LoL launcher (and i will carry out too)
Final words
I hope this overview will prove beneficial to many human being who would favor to have actually something similar on TL, rather than wandering throughout the Internet.

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You have the right to PM me because that corrections/updates/ideas come add. An excellent training everyone!