LUFKIN, Texas ( - Beginning on September 1, anyone under 18 years old in Texas will certainly no longer be able to purchase over the respond to cough medicines choose NyQuil and also Robitussin that incorporate the ingredient dextromethorphan.

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Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill previously this month that will proccasion minors from buying these commodities in an initiative to minimize teens from utilizing them.

David Huffmale, Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy Manager, is no stranger to seeing customers coming in asking around dextromethorphan in cough drugs.

“Now, I execute occasionally obtain one that will certainly ask me which one has actually dextromethorphan in it. That’s the kind I desire, and also a red flag would go off,” shelp Huffmale.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill earlier this month that will prevent minors from buying these assets in efforts to mitigate teens from utilizing them.

“Kids see things on the internet and also say they would choose to try it without learning the threats,” said Huffmale.

Side results encompass hallucinations, rapid heart rate, and also fatality.

Huffman sassist raising the sale age to 18 is a great, yet he likewise has actually various other pertains to.

“The question is will certainly the medication remajor obtainable out front of the pharmacy wright here children can simply come and grab it off of the shelf. If they want to and steal it and things like it,” sassist Huffman.

“That remains to be seen because it can go behind the counter, which would certainly develop lengthy lines and more long lines at some pharmacies. I might check out that being a difficulty,” sassist Huffman.

Stores recorded violating the brand-new law will first obtain a warning, then a $150 fine for a 2nd violation and $250 fines for eextremely violation after that, according to the bill.

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Texas joins 18 other says that have passed comparable regulations restricting access to over-the-counter cough medications like NyQuil and also Robitussin that encompass the ingredient dextromethorphan.

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