Every parent desires their children to it is in successful and also follow the steps and guidelines given by them. Austin Dillon, who came indigenous a prominent racers family, is a skilled American stock vehicle racer.

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Though Austin’s parental did not pressure him to proceed the motorsport family legacy, he and his brothers Ty Dillon decided their motorsport career and also continued the household legacy.

Four-wheel racing is in the blood of Austin. Cars, races, and tracks surrounding his entire childhood. He gained the opportunity to look in ~ the motorsport career of his father and also his grandfather.

Austin Dillon preparing for a Race

Therefore, we can assume the he made decision a motorsport career due to four-wheel racing’s affect from childhood.

Quick Facts

If you desire to know more about Austin then, have a glance at the rapid facts below:

Full name :Austin Reed Dillon
Birth date :April 27, 1990
Birth location :Welcome, north Carolina, joined States
Tags/ Popularly recognized as :American Race automobile Driver
Nickname :The ACE
Spouse :Whitney Ward
Father’s name :Mike Dillon
Mother’s surname :Tina Dillon
Siblings :Ty Dillon
Age :30 years
Horoscope :Taurus
Height :1.73 m
Weight :81 KG
Ethnicity :White
Residence :Lewisville, phibìc Carolina, united States
Favorite shade :Black
Feet dimension :N/A
Eye shade :Brown
Hair shade :Dark Brown
Hair size :Short
Hair kind :Straight
Relationship status :Married
Grandparent name :Richard Childress
School :Forsyth nation Day School
University :High point University
Nationality :American
Twitter :
Instagram :austindillon3
Children :Ace Dillonacedillon3
Profession :Racing Driver
Net precious :12 Million Dollar
Associated come :NASCAR
Gender :Male
Sexual Orientation :Straight
Religion :Christian
Current Team:Chevrolet Motorsport
Married Year :December 9, 2017
The vehicle he cd driver :Number 3 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
Awards and Accomplishments:Won NASCAR Rookie of the year in the Truck collection 2010, won the Truck series championship in 2011, Nationwide collection Championship in 2013, and also many more.
Marriage place :Childress Vineyards in Lexington, north Carolina.
Birthdate the his son (Ace Dillon) :June 14, 2020
Co-owns sports management firm :Team Dillon Management
MerchCowboy Hat, Sleeveless T-shirt, license is granted Diecast Car

Early Life: Upbringing and Education

Austin Reed Dillon is the elder boy of previous stock automobile racer because that Richard childress Racing, Mike Dillon and Tina Dillon. Also, the is a grandchildren of previous NASCAR driver; Richard Childress.

He to be born ~ above April 27, 1990, Piedmont – Triad area of phibìc Carolina, United says of America. He perfect his schooling at Forsyth country Day school, and also then he attended his college from High suggest University.

Initially, Austin believed he would end up being a baseball player, but later, as soon as he experiment the bandolero vehicle for the first time, he to be hooked.

Four-wheel racing, cars, and track affected his childhood together his father and also grandfather both to be from motorsport backgrounds. In an interview, he stated that gyeongju was always a topic in ~ the dinner table.

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In an interview v Lucchese Bootmaker, that revealed the cowboy boots have always been his component of life.

Similarly, the recalled his childhood days as soon as he and his brothers Ty provided to stay cowboy hats and cowboy boots in ~ his grandfather’s location in Montana.

Physical attributes: Height, Weight, and also Personality

Stock car Racer weighs about 81 kilograms, and also he stands five feet and eight inches tall.

Dillon has acquired white skin tone and captivating brown eyes. His hair is dark brown and also straight, and also his clean-cut beard goes perfect well with his facial features. The doesn’t have any kind of tattoos top top his body.

His star authorize is Taurus. Prefer Taurus trait, the is kind, generous, and liked to proceed the family legacy.

Austin’s personal life

Dillon is the husband of previous National Football league cheerleader for Tennessee Titans, Whitney Ward.

Whitney Ward is specifically known for she appearance in the famous TV reality present called gyeongju Wives, which broadcast on nation Music Television.

Ward additionally had a brief Modeling career. She is likewise a previous monster power girl model.

Besides, she is a co-owner that a jewelry agency called the Shop the WM and this gorgeous blonde additionally have a way of living blog called BFF blog.

Austin Dillon with His Family

NASCAR driver and Reality TV display star met on July 11th in the year 2015. They obtained married in the year December 9, 2017, in athletic Vineyard Lexington, north Carolina,

Childress Vineyard Lexington is own by Austin’s Grandfather. And, finally, Whitney becomes Whitney Dillon.

Stock vehicle racer; Dillon and also his mam Whitney welcomed their an initial child on June 14, 2020. They room the proud parental of a infant boy.

They called their son Ace, and it’s the same that Austin used to be referred to as by his mommy when he to be a child.

Austin Revealed that he preserved his son’s surname Ace due to the fact that his logo has always been Ace the spades and the ax “RC” represents his grandfather’s surname Richard Childress.

Dillon and his brothers Ty Dillon, both NASCAR drivers, conjointly own a management company named Team Dillon management, i m sorry manages lock both.

Four-wheel racer is a an extremely handsome male with impressive automobile racing skills. He remained in an open up relationship v two women called Taylor Walker and also Will Grier, American soccer quarterback.

It go not occupational well v beautiful women, and also he got married come gorgeous cheerleader Whitney Ward.

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Racing job of the Ace

The Ace played in the little league world series in 2002 in Pennsylvania. Initially, he started in the Bandoleros series, an entry-level auto powered through a Stratton engine and solitary cylinder Briggs.

Afterward, that switched come higher-powered legends cars, which have actually four-cylinder motorcycle engines of Yamaha.

Again, he relocated to the so late model series and ran on dirt oval tracks, which have 20 times an ext horsepower than the entry-level automobile Bandolero.

In the year 2008 A.D., he came to be Rookie of the year in the NASCAR Camping human being East Series.

Dillon is also the winner the the 2017 Coca-Cola 600, 2018 Daytona 500, and also texas motor speedway 2020.

After completing four racers for Andy Santerre Motorsport, that switched to Richard childress Racing’s banner, i m sorry his grand owned.

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Racing Champion secured the NASCAR Camping civilization Truck title in 2011 and also the NASCAR Nationwide collection in 2013. He likewise managed to win four Xfinity gyeongju in 2015 A.D.

Besides racing, he is interested in baseball, golf, tennis and also football.

Also, that has appeared in the movie Stuber, starred in the SEAL team’s Season 3 and likewise in the NASCAR centric Netflix series called The Crew.

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Austin Dillon: car

Four-wheel racer drives Number 3 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE because that Richard athletic Racing.

Dillon faced Horrifying Accident

Austin Dillon faced a horrifying crash in the year 2015, July 5, during a automobile race.

At Daytona global Speedway throughout Coke Zero 400 NASCAR heart Cup Race, Austin’s automobile crashes right into the fence resulting burn of the car.

Austin was injured. He had actually bruised forearm and also tailbone while twenty-one fans were also injured.

Among twenty-one injured fans, twelve got treatment appropriate at the scene, eight pan refused to obtain medical treatment, and also one hurt fan obtained admitted to the local hospital.

Austin Tested positive for Covid-19.

The famous automobile racer; Austin Dillon was tested confident for Covid-19, because of which he had actually to miss racing ~ above Weekend’s NASCAR Cup series at Daytona international Speedway.

Fortunately, his wife Whitney Ward and also son Ace Dillon tested negative for Covid-19.

Austin Dillon’s net worth

Dillon renders his money from automobile racing, sponsorship, and prize earnings. His approximated net precious is 12 million dollars. He also earned 6 million dollars indigenous sponsorship in 2018.

Racer stays a luxurious life v his wife and also his son. He has a collection of exotic Lucchese boots, and also a pair of elephant skin is his favorite.

In one interview, Dillon stated that he likes come celebrate his victory with a new pair the luxurious exotic Lucchese boots.

Austin Dillon: House

Before acquiring married to Whitney Ward, he stayed in a single-storied house. Yet then, later, he offered his solitary storied home to his brother.

Austin Dillon inside his House

And then, the bought a barn and also moved right into the barn. It is composed of a swimming pool along with a customized water slide. Also, his mam Whitney Ward make some improvements in this house.

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Social Media Presence

Austin Dillon is active on Instagram and also Twitter. His Instagram has numerous pictures that cars, races and also his household members. Similarly, his Twitter has many supportive fans.

His Twitter handle name is
austindillon3. He has over 286k followers, yet he is adhering to over 1k people.

His bio reads together 2- time NASCAR championship, Daytona 500 Championship and driver the the no. 3 Chevy. It shows that that is very proud the himself and also his love for cars and also racing.

His Instagram take care of name is the very same as Twitter handle; austindillon3. He has actually over 205k pendant on Instagram, while he is following over 1k people.

His short articles are usually around cars, races and family. It reflects that racing and also family are the most important things in his life.

His son also has an Instagram account. Because he is not mature enough to use Instagram, we can assume that his parents handle his Instagram account.

His Instagram manage name is acedillon3. He has actually over 7k followers while he is following five human being on Instagram.

His bios read out together “future NASCAR Driver” so, we have the right to assume the he will also continue the household legacy prefer his father did.

Dillon’s mam is likewise famous top top Instagram. She has an Instagram account called Whitneydillon. She has actually over 192k followers, however she follows over five Hundred people.

Her bio says: Love Jesus, Wifey, young mama. She short articles a lot of of pictures of her son and also family.


How old is Austin Dillon?

Born top top April 27th, 1990, Austin is 30 years old.

How is Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon related?

Ty Dillon, a expert stock auto racer, is the younger brother to Austin Dillon.

How go Austin Dillon and also Whitney Ward meet?

Austin Dillon and also Whitney Ward met in ~ the local party, and they instantly fell in love as both were sports lovers.

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