FRISCO, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys have hired Dan Quinn to be your next defensive coordinator, the team announced Monday night.

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Quinn agreed come a three-year deal, a resource told, equivalent the size of Cowboys attack coordinator Kellen Moore"s brand-new contract. Both coordinators will certainly be signed with the 2023 season.

Quinn takes over because that Mike Nolan, that was fired critical week by head coach Mike McCarthy, and also inherits a defense that had one that the worst seasons in Cowboys history.

Quinn to be fired together head coach of the Atlanta Falcons five games into the 2020 project after having held the job because 2015. He posted a 43-42 record and took the Falcons come the Super key in his 2nd season.

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Going through Quinn signal a return to the scheme the Cowboys employed native 2013 come 2019 under Monte Kiffin, rod Marinelli and also Kris Richard.

Quinn, 50, was the Seattle Seahawks" protective coordinator in 2013 and also 2014, before becoming Atlanta"s head coach. The employed a 4-3 scheme that greatly used a single-high safety and security look and also helped the Seahawks come consecutive Super bowl appearances. The Seahawks perfect No. 1 in yards and also points enabled in his two seasons.

Team owner and also general manager Jerry Jones was eager to move away native the plan the Cowboys provided in McCarthy"s very first year since he assumed it was as well simplistic. Nolan brought in a hybrid defense draft to usage multiple coverages and also disguises to confused offenses, yet that never really happened.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Nolan and also the defensive staff had actually to implement their brand-new defense virtually, without any kind of benefit of on-field work until a shortened training camp began. The at an early stage results to be disastrous, v the Cowboys permitting at the very least 34 point out in five of the very first six games.

Nolan simplified the scheme early in the season, yet the defense never really took hold. The Cowboys enabled the most points in franchise background (473) and also finished with the 31st-ranked run defense.

Part that the trouble was not fitting the scheme to the players. Protective linemen accustomed to attack upfield come disrupt theatre were now being asked to organize up blockers. Linebackers did not play downhill and also were often late in making their decisions or gobbled increase by bigger attack linemen.

In his 2 years together Seattle"s coordinator, Quinn had actually a team the was developed on defense v the likes of Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas and also Richard Sherman.

Quinn does no inherit that form of talent in Dallas. DeMarcus Lawrence is the highest-paid Cowboy, and he performed well in 2020, although he had just 6.5 sacks. Jaylon smith led the Cowboys in tackles, but there is some question around his future v the team since of potential salary-cap problems. Leighton Vander Esch, a first-round pick in 2018, to let go six games with a damaged collarbone and a high fishing eye sprain.

Three members that the second -- safety Xavier Woods and cornerbacks Chidobe Awuzie and also Jourdan Lewis -- are set to become free agents, together is pass-rusher Aldon Smith.

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The Cowboys feeling cornerback Trevon Diggs and also defensive handle Neville Gallimore, your second- and third-round breeze picks in 2020, have actually high ceilings, and also second-year safety Donovan Wilson do plays when he moved right into the beginning lineup.