Body measurements


184 centimeter (6 ft 0.5 in)


86 kg (190 lb)

Chest size

104 centimeter (41 in)

Waist size

87 centimeter (34 in)

Biceps size

37 centimeter (15 in)


Date the birth

February 11, 1971



Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation



Not religious

Eyes color


Hair color



Who is Damian Lewis?


Owner of golden Glove Award and also Emmy award Damian Lewis is originally from united Kingdom.

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Early Accomplishments

After graduating Music and also Drama college young actor joined royal Shakespeare Company. That acted below on stage and worked in the direction of future career.
Damian s very first steps as an actor were made in plays like "Little Eyolf", "Cymbeline", "Pillars that the Community".

Best well-known For

Damian Lewis go exceptionally an excellent work in series named "Band that Brothers", which carried Hollywood star nomination for gold Globe Award.In 2016 Damian gained invited to play in television collection called "Billions".Has come to be a star of civilization popular hit collection ‘Homeland’, wherein he play sergeant Brody role.Lewis likewise performed in American TV episodes "Life".In 2015 tv miniseries ‘Wolf Hall’ earned Damian gold Globe and Emmy nominations.

Religion Beliefs

Lewis is no very religious person. That believes in action of faith and encourages them in people"s life.

Sexual Orientation

Damian Lewis is straight. He obtained married to Helen McCrory. The couple has two children.

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Worth come Know

Damian make his decision to come to be an actor once he was 16 years old.Lewis feels perfectly comfortable come play mentally unstable and also brutal characters.Among actor"s hobbies are passion to play the guitar and piano/keyboard.Talented actor is also famous because that his perfect body shape. That maintains human body in toned through lifting weights, and also doing squats, lunges and press-ups.