Date of birth

September 12, 1973

Date of death

November 30, 2013 (40 years)

Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color


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Who is Paul Walker?


Paul walker was a legend American actor famed for his function in The Fast and the Furious movie which earned the an MTV Movie Award. 

Early Accomplishments

His career officially kicked off in 1984 together he showed up on 2 illustration of the anthology series CBS Schoolbreak Special. 

He make it into the movie market 2 years later on through the fear comedy Monster in the Closet. 

By 1998, he gained his very first lead duty through the comedy fulfill the Deedles. 

Best well-known For

Throughout his 29 years in the limelight, no function brought the fame like portraying the Brian O"Conner personality in The Fast and also Furious franchise. The 6th and 7th part of this movie winner him one MTV award and also a Teen choice Award respectively. The 7th component was exit posthumously in 2015.

Sexual Orientation

Paul to be straight. End the years, he was romantically linked with various celebrities such as Denise Richards, Christina Milian and also Aubrianna Atwell. 

He additionally dated a lady named Rebecca McBrain. 


Paul was not the only one in his family to taste fame together his brothers Cody is at this time an actor. As a an outcome of his previous relationship v Rebecca, Paul has actually a daughter called Meadow. 


As a child, Paul was exposed come Mormon beliefs as this was his parents" faith.

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However, together he grew older he determined to lean in the direction of Christianity there is no a details denomination. Increase until the time of his death, Paul continued to be very committed to his Christian faith. 

Worth come Know

Though that seemed favor he was born to act, Paul has always wanted to it is in a naval biologist together this to be his major in college.