Raiding Kiddie Kingdom and also the miracle Kingdom Quest

King Kola\"s lock in Kiddie Kingdom

Once you\"ve perfect the quest Ambitious Plan and started The Grand tour you\"ve acquired the ability to claim areas of the park for Raiders, what then? some of the areas are notoriously difficult - an especially the Galactic region area of the park. One of the simpler ones is Kiddie Kingdom, inhabited by ghouls. I imply you carry Gage with you, due to the fact that many companions carry out not choose working through Raiders. You can find an exit into the wilder locations of the park to the east of your headquarters in Nuka Town, USA.

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This is a pursuit where I\"d advise strength armor, or at the really least a the majority of both RadAway and also Rad-X. Over there are more than likely 40-50 ghouls in the locations you\"ll travel, in total, and also some of them are higher level, for this reason you\"ll additionally want numerous ammo before even bothering to get in the kingdom.

Area Hazards

Deadly radiation mist is almost everywhere Kiddie Kingdom. Come prepared, and try to go roughly these whereby possible!

First, know that it appears there room many much more ghouls at night, though i cannot it is in sure. Second, don\"t gain too close come the mist sprayers strewn transparent the area. It\"s unavoidable you take a couple of deaths\" worth of rads while travel in the area, due to the toxicity sprayers. Above all, try not to acquire too close to them as it is much more damaging in close proximity because of the more thickness mist. Anything the moves here, in regards to rides, can substantially injure or death your character, and there are numerous of them. Friend don\"t desire to discover this out the tough way.

Quest: A magical Kingdom

A magical Kingdom is required to also get come the flag pole in Kiddie Kingdom in bespeak to case it for one of the raider factions in Nuka World.

This quest must be perfect in order to assign one of the three raider gangs come Kiddie Kingdom. ~ above entering the area, you\"ll be taunted through a mysterious man on the park\"s PA system. The search will straight you to find three different locations. Most of it deserve to be traveled utilizing the signs here and also there throughout the park. You need to search three areas, in no particular order:

Search the FunhouseSearch the Theater (King Kola\"s Castle)Search the Tunnels (Two entrances. One take away a key, the other does not.)

The Theater

Oswald the Outrageous in fallout 4 Nuka World

This one is in the King Kola\"s castle area, in situation you monitor the indicators or use the park maps. The markers might seem a tad poor at times. The theater is just a middle ghoul battle, and your (possibly) an initial encounter through someone named, \"Oswald the Outrageous\". He\"s a ghoul who have the right to heal and also performs magic to disappear. Each time you lug him down, he\"ll heal up, but he will certainly escape ~ a time. Check the area for a Nuka Berry recipe for the Nuka Cola device that can be constructed at Settlements. Also, as soon as done v the within of the theater go external using the other bridge and up come the castle tower room where you\"ll find Rachel\"s computer. The key to the tunnels is here, though there\"s a 2nd entrance that doesn\"t need a key.

The Tunnels

A strange step in the tunnels.

You\"ll have actually a weird encounter in the tunnels, but due to the fact that I try to prevent those direct spoilers, i won\"t elaborate upon its content here. This area is very an easy and naught challenging. Finding the key first may have actually saved a tiny time, however it\"s not prefer the place was a maze. I discovered nothing of particular interest in the tunnels, however could\"ve let go something.

Search the Funhouse

It\"s a funny house, through holes in the floor. And deadly booby traps. Don\"t worry, it\"ll all more than soon.

I saved this because that last, and I\"m glad ns did together it may have deterred me native the rest of the quest. It\"s not too hard, it\"s simply frustrating and perhaps the many dangerous component of Kiddie Kingdom. First, a winter maze with mines and also ghouls. The mirrors don\"t yes, really work, the maze is no too challenging but that did take a couple tries. I found using my pip-boy\"s flashlight assisted me come navigate that a bit. There\"s in addition the bright room checked out in the trailers, which is basically a ar to shooting ghouls that can\"t strike you. Finally another minor maze through rotating corridors, and also holes friend can autumn through if you\"re not careful (pictured).

Oswald Options

After perfect the search, Oswald will call you ago to King Kola\"s Castle, wherein you have the right to now uncover the elevator inside the theatre working. Prior to you carry out that, consider your options. If you did together I suggested and went to check out Rachel\"s terminal in the castle, you understand he had actually a girlfriend who collection off to discover a cure for the \"illness\" everyone was facing when they were transforming one by one into ferals. That is feasible to find her and a peaceful resolution come this quest. Your choices are:

Confront Oswald Directly - just go hit him, you\"ll gain the price below and one added item that can\"t be attained without death him. The is not, however, a great item.Speech inspect Oswald - If girlfriend don\"t uncover Rachel, girlfriend can\"t call him whereby she is - so you have the right to only tell him come go trying to find her (red decided check). Happen this, the will provide you the exact same reward together though you\"d traveled all the method to Bradberton to uncover Rachel.Find Rachel First - girlfriend can rapid travel ago to the castle, for this reason why not just go the end to Bradberton (location below) and see for yourself?

If you carry out fight Oswald, know it\"s nothing prefer the first fight. He\"ll cure up about 5x before he\"s ultimately dead, and he\"ll store summoning ghouls transparent the battle. Radiation can be a problem, as room the multiple legendaries that might spawn throughout the fight. Just fair warning, for this reason you recognize to save. It\"s not practically as tough as various other fights, yet was one unexpected difficulty after a period of fairly easy combat.

Finding Oswald\"s Rachel

Bradberton is situated in the extreme Northeast the Nuka World. Rachel have the right to be found east the the map marker for Bradberton in the house above.

Rewards because that \"A wonder Kingdom\"

Three rewards are possible, many players will get the very first two. Friend only obtain the Magician\"s Tuxedo if you killed Oswald the

If you do the second or third options above, you will certainly be provided Oswald\"s weapon (Sword that Wonders) and also top cap - i m sorry is sweet, the hat boosts movement rate by 10%. The Tuxedo reduces damage dealt by humans, but is one of those full-body pieces and also cannot it is in worn through armor. The tuxedo can be fitted with ballistic weave, despite the tophat cannot (too bad!).

Claiming territory for Raiders

Assign a corridor to this component of the Nuka civilization park will claim it together their territory.

Now the you\"ve perfect the quest, friend can accessibility Oswald\"s terminal and also disable the toxicity mist sprayers throughout kiddie kingdom. Additionally, you can step the end on the balcony and also select the flagpole. A dialog will pop up: pick to insurance claim this component of the park for either The Operators, The Pack, or The Disciples. There is a greater purpose to this, you can learn a bit more (if you don\"t mental spoilers) on mine Faction Perk and Benefits Page. To save it simple, if you like among the factions make certain you carry out not neglect providing them any territory, the gang with the the very least territory is going come grow an ext upset.

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