Cord-cutters have emerged in an excellent numbers v the price hike the cable connections. Roku has been one of the simplest streaming media players. It allows its individuals stream and stay entertained at an affordable cost. You will find a decent range of channels on its official channel store. As well as streaming, it has come up with numerous customization options. Because that instance, friend can change the language top top Roku, add channels to favorites, etc. In the lineup, you have the right to also readjust your machine name. That is advantageous when girlfriend have an ext than one Roku device. Further, identifying the machine will it is in easy when you take place to winter your device. If you are new to Roku or looking for exactly how to rename Roku, then this travel guide you.

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How to Rename Roku?

There are two different ways in which friend can adjust or rename your Roku. It consists of using

Roku AccountRoku cell phone App

Rename Roku using Roku Account

Renaming her Roku machine using her Roku account calls for the login details. Make certain you have actually it comfortable or develop one through visiting Roku official site.


Every Roku machine comes v a serial number. To readjust its name, you should be mindful of the serial number. To discover it,

Go to Settings.Select System.Click About. There you will find the serial number.

1. Open up your desired web browser on your phone or PC.

2. Visit the using the deal with bar.

3. Administer the Roku account credentials to log in to her account.

4. Hover to click on the avatar ~ above the top-right and also select My account.

5. Navigate come the bottom of the display until you check out My linked device.


6. You will uncover the list of Roku devices connected to your account.

7. Choose the device because that which you want to readjust the name.

8. Use the Edit (pencil-like icon) to change the name.

9. As soon as done, tap top top Update.

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Rename Roku utilizing Roku App

You have the right to also readjust your Roku device name making use of the Roku Mobile app on Android or iOS. Even if you don’t have actually one, get it native Play keep or app Store.


Make certain you have connected your Roku machine with Roku App.Connect your Roku and also smartphone to the exact same WiFi.

1. Unlock your smartphone and navigate come the Apps section.

2. Look for the Roku mobile app to click it and also launch it.

3. Select the Devices icon easily accessible at the bottom of the screen.

4. Friend will check out the perform of associated devices. Click on the Menu (three-dots) icon next come the device you want to readjust the name.


5. Tap ~ above the Set Name and also Location option.

6. Get in your Roku sign-in credentials if prompted.

7. Administer the surname of her Roku device.

8. Press Save to use the changes.

Optionally, girlfriend can click the Switch Roku Device attach to choose a different Roku maker and rename it.

That was all about an altering the name of your Roku device. You may choose either the the means whichever is practically to rename your device.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Can i rename any model that Roku?

Yes. You deserve to rename any kind of of her Roku models. Friend shall follow the exact same procedure as offered in this section.

Can ns unlink my Roku from mine Roku account?

Yes. You deserve to unlink your Roku maker from your Roku account through visiting its official website.

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Can ns rename multiple Roku devices?

Yes. You can readjust the surname of all your Roku device detailed you the Roku account details.

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