From dawn come dusk, watches room the best all day lengthy companion come us. And Samsung watches are the trendiest wearable for her workout or in styling. Isn’t it?

But for losing or forgetting to lug a charger, your watch can reason running out of battery in an immediate situation. As a Samsung clock user, you should feel the requirement of charging it without a charger most of the time. So if friend learn exactly how to charge a clock without a charger in specific and superb simple way, you can avoid the sudden shut down of your watch.

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In this article, We will certainly share just how to charge Samsung clock without charger step by step. Therefore let’s take it a look further.

Check on just how to fee Samsung clock without Charger

Before going come the without charger charging an approach we indicate you purchase the different wireless charger or charging dock this will certainly be the healthy solution for your beloved watch. 

Also, discover how to fee Samsung Galaxy clock 3 and also clear the man of exactly how to fee Samsung clock without any worry. Along with that come buy some matching watchbands go with this content as well “7 finest Samsung Galaxy watch 3 Bands because that Attractive Look”.

#Way 1: purchase a Wireless Charging Dock or Charging Cable

If you shed or spoiled your original Samsung watch charger or facing challenges using it, then purchasing a wireless charging dock or a charging cable can be your pure solution.

With a wireless charging dock, you deserve to charge your Samsung clock at any place effortlessly, prefer your office, University, gym, or even on a trip. You have the right to choose among the among them which is compatible through your watch model. First, let’s know how you can use your new charging dock to fee your watch.

Take the USB cable and also plug that in the back component of your wireless charging dock.Find any type of near adapter or electrical socket and also port the larger finish of the cable into the adapter.Place the the town hall back against the charging dock, aligning the watch facility with the wireless charging dock’s center.Make sure your watch is connected well and charged. There is a LED light behind the Samsung watch. If you see, the LED suggests orange light, which method the adapter you’re utilizing for charging may not have the ability to draw preferably power. So her watch will take a lengthy time come charge.When her Samsung watch is eventually charged, it will turn environment-friendly from Red. And also when you notification that the Samsung galaxy watch charger blinking red then you have the right to disconnect it from the charging dock.

Best alternatives of original Samsung Galaxy clock Charger

First, I’ll recommend to you few of the best alternatives to the initial Samsung clock charger. Hopefully, that will help you no worry around where to plug your charger in one unsuitable place.


Compatible with

Reason to Buy

Samsung main Wireless Charger


Samsung Galaxy clock & Watch active 2

Available Price: $21.95 top top Amazon

Key FeaturesWorks great with an impressive price because that Samsung WatchAdvanced Qi wireless charging technology for Samsung clock 3 chargerSimple solvent for Galaxy clock 3 fast charging

Galaxy watch wireless charging dock


New Samsung Galaxy clock 42mm/46mm, Samsung Galaxy watch SM-R800/R810/R815

Available Price: $13.99 on Amazon

Key FeaturesPower security insideEasy come UseCompact and also lightweight design

EMallee Galaxy watch charger


Samsung Galaxy smart Watch 42mm 46mm, Samsung Galaxy smart Watch SM-R800 SM-R810 SM-R815

Available Price: $11.99 top top Amazon

Key FeaturesSmall and PortablePower protection insideEco-friendly ABS and PC material

Gear S3 charging dock


Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch gear S3 Frontier (SM-R760 / SM-R765) / S3 classic (SM-R770), Samsung Galaxy watch 46mm (SM-R800 / SM-R805) / Samsung Galaxy clock 42mm (SM-R810)

Available Price: $11.96 top top Amazon

Key FeaturesEasy systems of how to fee Samsung equipment S3 without dockTangle freeHumanization design

# method 2: acquisition Wireless Chargers for your Samsung Watch

Other than that, friend guys deserve to go through the wireless chargers. Samsung has its very own wireless charger whereby with one charger you can charge your Watches, Buds, Galaxy Phones, and also Apple iPhones.

Samsung Wireless Duo Charger Recommendations

Compatible with

Reason to Buy

Samsung Wireless rapid Charger Duo Pad


Gear S3, gear Sport, and also Galaxy Watch, Galaxy S9, Note9 or various other compatible Samsung smartphone, Galaxy Buds

Available top top Amazon

Key FeaturesTwo complete charges for her smartphone and much more than 10 complete charges for her smartwatch or Galaxy BudsAdvanced Qi wireless charging technologyExtra portable, extra convenient

Samsung Wireless Charger DUO Pad


Gear S3, gear Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy S9, Note9, Galaxy S10/e/+, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Apple iphone 8, and also Apple iphone phone X

Available Price: $69.99 ~ above Amazon

Key FeaturesFast and also ConvenientWorks greatWorth the price

Is that OK to leaving Galaxy clock charging overnight?

It is not a great thing come charge any type of galaxy watch overnight as soon as it is fully charged. If you placed it in charge and the watch is still on climate it will fluctuate between charging and discharging and also that procedure will injury your watch’s battery. Therefore we indicate when the clock is charged completely disconnect it from the charging dock or cable and do care around the galaxy watch fee time.

Samsung Wireless Trio Charger Recommendation

Compatible with

Reason come Buy

Samsung electronic devices Wireless Charger Trio


Galaxy clock 3, active 2, energetic smartwatches, Galaxy Phones, Buds, Watches, and also Apple iphone Devices

accessible Price: $69.99 ~ above Amazon

Key FeaturesEasier come alignGet a quick battery boostSimple architecture to suit your interior
Samsung Qi Certified fast Charge Wireless Charger Pad


Samsung gear S3 smartwatch or later, Galaxy Note10, Note10+, S10, Note9, apologize iphone8, iphone x, iphone 11

easily accessible Price: $31.39 on Amazon

Key FeaturesPower defense insideEasy to UseCompact and lightweight design
Here we likewise recommend some various other brands’ budget-friendly wireless chargers, please perform check.

Check Battery status of her Samsung Watch

Whether you should charge her watch or not, girlfriend can figure out this by checking her watch battery status. Because that this, go to the setting option and also select the battery, and also immediately, your battery life will appear on display.

Samsung support if You have Lost the original Dock

Samsung detailed a 1-year warranty because that the watch’s charging dock. Besides, it offers an original manufacturing facility warranty and also a 3-month warranty period on the repair.

If you shed your initial charging dock, friend are referred to visit the Samsung support website to find the most compatible dock for her watch.

## procedures to charge Samsung clock without Charger


Here we questioned some quick and easy actions to make your charging procedure easier. This will assist you in urgent situations when girlfriend can’t accessibility a charger. Therefore let’s take it a look at these instructions.

#Method 1: switch on “Wireless PowerShare” the Samsung Galaxy Phone

This is the best means for friend if you’ve obtained a Samsung Galaxy Phone. Because this phone features a “Wireless PowerShare” choice for friend to eliminate carrying one extra charger in her pocket. Below we describe the process step by step for you.

This “Wireless PowerShare” function is obtainable in many Samsung Galaxy Mobiles together Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z flip 5G, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note10 series, Note20 5G, and also Note20 ultra 5G. So girlfriend will gain two answer in this ar of how to charge Samsung Watch v phone or and also how to fee Samsung energetic Watch with phone at the very same time. For active watch users, it will be an easy solution to know how to fee Samsung Galaxy watch Active

Step 1: Swipe down the top notification bar that your home screen

Swipe down your notice bar ~ above the height of the home display screen for fast toggles.

Step 2: Swipe under the bar again

Swipe down the optimal bar when again to uncover the wireless strength share symbol from quick settings.

Step 3: madness the “Wireless PowerShare” icon

By tapping on the “Wireless PowerShare” native the quick settings will take you come the PowerShare screen.

Step 4: tap the move on

On the screen, over there will appear an on/off switch because that PowerShare. Then revolve on the button, and it’s ready to work.

Step 5: position the Samsung watch on the Phone

Place her Samsung watch and Samsung Galaxy S10 phone call back-to-back so that the charging coils that both devices remain aligned with each other. However, you need extra effort to discover the ideal line whereby the charging coils matched one another.

Step 6: inspect the display screen Message that Charging

If both the tools are aligned accurately and also begin to power exchange, there will certainly be a notice of “charging” on her phone display. Also, you’ll view your Samsung watch will be lightened up to show the indication of charging.

Step 7: rotate off the PowerShare if charging is complete.

When her Watch is totally charged, separate the two devices, and that’s all. Girlfriend don’t should do any difficult tasks because that disconnecting them. The “Wireless PowerShare ” display probably shows up again, and you need to turn the off.

#Method 2: Charge v a strength Bank

Don’t issue if you’re no a Samsung Galaxy cell phone user. You can also charge through a power financial institution following the an easy steps we discussed here.

action 1: Activate the power Bank

Press the button of the power bank to activate it. If the light transforms on, it’s all set to use.

Step 2: place Samsung clock on the power bank.

Position your watch back against the backside the the power bank where the charging coil is placed so that both devices might align at that point.

Step 3: inspect the Battery Level ~ above Watch

Check the battery condition on the display of your Samsung watch. Once it’s completely charged, revolve off the button of your power Bank.

Tips before You monitor the Methods

Before utilizing the charger, ensure her charging dock is compatible v your Samsung watch models.While charging through the phone, ensure the your phone is completely charged or plugged into the charger. Don’t fee your watch as soon as your phone’s battery condition is listed below 30%.


Samsung allows you be safe if you shed your favorite Samsung watch. You don’t should be panic anymore since the Samsung Wearable application will discover your watch within a very short time, i m sorry is sometimes impossible to execute yourself.

Here we debated the instructions v you to let girlfriend know exactly how you can easily uncover your shed Samsung watch through the app on your mobile. So, inspect out this steps.

This attribute lets you know the precise location and address of your Samsung watch’s existing availability. Friend can additionally find that by tapping top top the show on the map.Reset reactivation lock or remotely collection a brand-new wave in her Samsung watch.


1. If you desire to track her Samsung watch, you must pair it v your mobile.

2. If her Samsung clock is no within the Bluetooth range, climate the Start function will not work.

3. Your device must have actually a data link mode or associated to Wi-Fi.

4. You need to accessibility it in remote Connection.

Not having actually a clock charger always with us is a typical matter. Yet if you check out your watch is shut under when needed in an emergency, it might make girlfriend frustrated. So every Samsung clock user should know just how to charge the Samsung clock without charger.

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That’s why we questioned this write-up so that you don’t face any difficulties. I suppose you have actually learned everything in information from ours article and also must feel fearless now to not always belong come a charger.

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