Most the the DIYers need to make holes while making different items or during repairing something. If you want to do a huge hole, climate you will require a huge drill bit.

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But what if you have a tiny drill bit and also want to do a feet bigger 보다 the bit? In such a situation, you need to drill in a specific way. In this guide, we will certainly tell girlfriend how come drill a feet bigger than your drill little bit without making the surrounding surface the the hole messy.

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How come Drill a feet Bigger 보다 Your Drill Bit?

A drill bit makes a well-shaped hole by spinning. For making specific hole, the drill bit has to rotate evenly and for that, the center of the drill bit has to register in the right place.

When you do a hole bigger 보다 the drill bit, then the bit wanders roughly inside the hole. Over there are opportunities that the holes become messy as soon as making a big hole through a smaller drill bit.

So, you need to work carefully. The is better to acquisition a large drill bit to make a bigger hole. Yet if girlfriend don’t have actually one, then you should follow the below couple of steps.

Step 1: First, drill a small hole through squeezing the cause of the drill. ~ making a hole and when the drill little bit is quiet rotating, progressively make circularmovements gently around the hole to enlarge it. Keep relocating the drill till you get the preferred size.

The other means to drill bigger holes is by utilizing a guide. Take it a item of hardwood and also make a hole by utilizing the guide.You deserve to put the drill bit through the hole size you want and start drilling. The drill guide helps in keeping the little inside the hole and prevents the from rotate out.

The edge of the guide are quite solid, for this reason the bit won’t wander around. A hole can also be enlarged in this method.

Step 2: Next, you have the right to use a tapered reamer. First, drill a hole v the drill little you have, and enlarge the hole of the wood, plastic, or metal with the assist of a reamer.

All you have to do is insert the reamer right into the hole and also start twisting to make a bigger hole. The reamer should be twisted consistently until you obtain the preferred hole size. Utilizing a reamer might not provide you a clean hole. The sides won’t be straight.

Step 3: To make larger holes because that a brand-new handle or knob, you deserve to use a pilot bit. In instance when a hole already exists, the becomes difficult to enlarge or make a enlarge hole 보다 the existing one together there is no wood for the pilot little to bite one around.

In this circumstance, girlfriend can add a thin piece of luan or plywood on every side of the work-related surface. Clamp the pieces securely and also start drilling. The scrap pieces will keep the pilot bit stable while cutting the work-piece, as a result, the surface of the work-piece won’t be damaged or scratched.

Step 4: Lastly, you can additionally use step drill bits to do a big hole. They space quite good and execute a fair job for details applications.

So, in these above methods, you deserve to make a large hole through a smaller sized drill bit.

How come Enlarge an Existing hole in Metal?

It is challenging to make a huge hole in metal with a smaller sized drill bit. So, the equipment is to usage a tool referred to as a reamer. The device cannot make a hole, it only helps in enlarging an present hole.

So, in instance you don’t have a bigger drill bit, drill the steel with the currently drill bit and enlarge the by making use of a reamer. Below we have defined the procedures of exactly how to use a reamer to make a big hole.

1. start by solving the work-piece securely so that it stays stable while drilling.

2. Next, drill a feet in the steel which you desire to enlarge through a reamer.

3. Then obtain an accordingly sized reamer follow to the hole size you want.

4. Make sure to increase the hole in tiny increments and not in one operation.

5. Then the following step is come fit the reamer come the drive tool.

6. Place the reamer inside the hole and start cutting by applying adequate pressure.

7. The reduced is complete when the reamer reaches the widest point.

8. After completing the cut, withdraw the reamer.

Wrapping it Up

You require to have actually the right tools to make the cut you want. It could be a little difficult to do a feet bigger than the drill bit, but there room some techniques in which friend can properly pull it turn off without ruining the work-piece.

You deserve to choose any kind of one an approach which is easier for you. I hope this short article on how to do a hole bigger than the drill bit will aid you in the future when repairing or replacing something.

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