FLORIDA BLUE an essential Florida’s most prestigious leadership honorary due to the fact that 1923 to ~ Prospective Member, say thanks to you because that your attention in Florida Blue vital Leadership Honorary. Florida Blue vital is the college of Florida’s oldest and most distinguished leadership organization. In enhancement to planning and producing Homecoming, Gator Growl, and also the Speech and Debate Tournament, Florida Blue an essential conducts countless projects offer both the university of Florida and the Gainesville community. A effective applicant must show exemplary leadership and also service come the university of Florida. Diversity of authorized is crucial criterion because that acceptance right into Florida Blue vital and authorized in one area that campus task does no necessarily qualified one because that membership. Florida Blue key selects leader who have actually made a far-ranging contribution come the overall development of student life in ~ the college of Florida. The complying with requirements space mandatory for every applicants: 1. 2. 3. 4.Be a present full-time student at the university of Florida, or if graduating, enrolled in the variety of classes required to meet graduation requirements. Have actually completed sixty (60) hrs of university credits (excluding current enrollment), twenty-four (24) of i beg your pardon must have been earned in ~ the college of Florida. Have actually participated and demonstrated leadership in extra-curricular activities at the university of Florida have at least a 2.0 grade point average.A finish application includes the following: • • •Resume with signed statement giving the Student activities staff permission to certify GPA and also hours perfect $50 applications Fee completed application type (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1a3JGHyrsO_3ESwtXk3z9TZtzQuZdvU8Z4YP6KaflpYs/viewform)Resume: please follow the layout provided, consisting of all the details located in ~ the top and bottom that the sample resume. Your name should be typed together you wish it to show up on your initiation certificate. Please border the resume to one legit size item of paper. Fees: you re welcome submit a $50 fee—make any kind of checks payable to “Florida Blue Key”—to our Office Administrator, Sharon Connell, as soon as you submit your application. This fees pays because that the administrative cost of her application and also an introduce reception booked for the night of April 3rd from 7:00 afternoon to 9:00 pm. The location for the reception will certainly be noted at the interview. Candidates because that membership are urged to to visit the reception, and also business attire is argued for this occasion as well. Interview: when you submit your applications please authorize up because that an interview time. Interviews will certainly be held from march 29th come 30th in the law School. The interview room will be listed when you sign up because that an interview time. Organization attire is suggested. Applications space due by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, march 25th in the Florida Blue an essential trailer on the lawn in between the Reitz Union and Rhines Hall. You will certainly be informed by letter of Florida Blue Key’s decision. If you are selected, you will certainly be invite to to visit an initiation banquet ~ above April 27th.

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If you have any questions concerning the application or the application process, please contact the Florida Blue vital office at 352273-0829. Thank you again because that your interest in Florida Blue key and great luck! Sincerely, josh Srelzik PresidentCecelia Hardwick Vice president of MembershipSharon Connell Office Assistant