Unless you spring for the high value anti-scratch coating, or take it really good care of your glasses, chances are you’ll finish up v a couple of scratches on your lenses indigenous time to time. And even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, girlfriend probably have actually a pair that sunglasses sitting around somewhere, and they additionally have a tendency to obtain scratched (especially if you throw them in the glove compartment of your car without a case).

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But the good news is that not only are there methods to prevent your glasses from acquiring scratched in the an initial place, however it’s also feasible to get rid of existing scratches. Here are some tips for doing both.

How to eliminate scratches native glasses

Of course, as soon as we talk about “glasses” getting scratched, we’re really referring to the lenses, quite than the structure (although those can get scratched too). And the scratches we’re handling here are reasonably minor people from everyday wear-and-tear—nothing too deep or damaged.

Before you execute anything else, Jonathan Zavaleta the Spy proposal rinsing the glasses with warm water, then using a microfiber fabric to wipe off any dirt or dust on your lenses. Next, that time because that a DIY systems to aid tackle the scratches.

Mix a pair of tablespoons the baking soda with a tiny amount of water to create a thick paste, Zavaleta says. Then grab a clean microfiber fabric (i.e. Not the one you simply used) and also gently obstacle the solution onto the lenses.


After that, rinse the glasses with heat water once again, and also use a 3rd clean microfiber fabric to offer them a final wipe-down, per Zavaleta’s instructions.

How to stop scratches on your glasses

Now that you know exactly how to eliminate minor scratches on her lenses, stop talk around how to prevent them from happening in the very first place. It have to go there is no saying that storing her glasses safely inside an ideal case (meaning one large enough, secure, and also with a hard shell) is the best method to safeguard them, yet there are other things to save in mind, too.

Here room a couple of tips, courtesy of Washington Eye Doctors:

Be mindful when taking your glasses off

handle them by the arms (aka the temples) instead of the rims. “This way, her fingers prevent the frame and also lens area altogether, reduce the opportunity of inadvertently scratching them,” castle write. “Additionally, holding lock by the temples with both hand ensures a better grip, so you’ll be much less likely to drop them.”

Pay attention to exactly how you collection them down

Always place glasses down v their lenses facing upward (unless they’re within a case that calls for the the opposite position). Past that, the safest position for lock is through the arms/temples open and also upside down, which Washington Eye doctors says provides them more stable. Also, make sure you set your glasses down somewhere safe, rather than a place where they could be easily knocked over or accidentally damaged.

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Instead that wiping your glasses on your shirt, a napkin, or a restroom towel, use a soft microfiber cloth. Other products are an ext abrasive, i beg your pardon could reason you come unknowingly scrape your glasses (which kind of loss the purpose).