how come play hardcore on battlefield 1 This is a topic the many civilization are looking for. is a channel providing valuable information about learning, life, digital marketing and online process …. The will help you have an introduction and heavy multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would choose to present to friend HOW TO discover HARDCORE SERVERS – Battlefield 1- 125% bullet Damage. Following along room instructions in the video below:I will take friend deep into the murky waters and show you exactly i was was done ideal off the bats. To be gonna go to multiplayer right there bam browser. Now this might not be the easiest means to do it. But this will certainly be the most comprehensive. This will certainly be the best way to conserve you guys headaches now from the key screen. What to be going come do here is go straight right into this is a game stations 4. Were going hit triangle to enter the modes now ideal off the bat. Im and hit square. To be going to clean out every little thing lets just say we want to play conquest. But you have the right to play any type of of these here choose the setting you want maps to be going to leave open classes and also vehicles were going come leave whatever on other than for elite class that demands to come off you need to understand what is a hardcore server. There is no elite class in hardcore servers. Were going to leave that off weapons every little thing is on simply leave it except for standard concern rifles. To be going come leave that off advanced killcam. These space the things that have to be turned off this is trusted fire is walking to it is in on agenda pelvis. Off. 3d. Spotting is off mini map.

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Swatting off. Constantly fog off name tags off equal 3rd person camera off. Ns making this video clip just to show you just how to uncover hardcore servers the most comprehensive method possible this is the battlefield. 1 find engine. Therefore what to be doing is mirroring you the easiest method the most necessary thing is here bullet damage needs to it is in 125 percent slots. Many important choose highlight none regions. Were going to go ahead and deselect phibìc america leave it all open as you have the right to see above me. Watch servers. Theres 19 servers. Lets just take a look in ~ the servers below so you get an idea of specifically what that is now every solitary one of these consisting of the persons on top are all hardcore servers. Yes 19 available. What you need to pay fist to is whereby the region is prefer this one below that im on is us east us west. Theres part that can be in asia or what have you desire to go buy ping currently on the game stations controller the small left rod if you hit the sort whereby is down here by name by players currently itll take it the peak players right here now how did i perform that lets go back into a multiplayer server browser triangle ~ above the ps4 it currently saved everything however were walking to choose conquest. Leaving maps. Open up the elite classes off tools is top top and already default. Standard. Issue.


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how to play hardcore ~ above battlefield 1-1

Rifles off. I m sorry is perfect. Again. Kill camp turn off put. Friendly. Fire. ~ above regenitive help off. 3d spotting turn off mini max. Human body off. Always far deserve to be off. If you like name tags turn off three 3rd person cameras turn off bullet damages the move to 125 percent slots were walk to select none and regions. Were going come deselect anything most important here this is the biggest pro tip go down to conserve your filters surname it whatever youd like mine. I name it hardcore name in hardcore name it everything you like once you save the preset done now you just hit ok. Its good to walk now. All you have to do at any time your filters. Which is ~ above the top go come triangle walk to her filters and you select hard o. You choose hardcore just how you discover a hardcore server.

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You deserve to save your filters for anything now. Speak you desire to jump right into a consistent core server from hardcore your setups are currently there were gonna struggle triangle top top the ps4 is increase right right into it hits square resets every little thing now look at how plenty of servers space 94 servers. We go to my filters. I dont recognize why but ive constantly had an problem being able come switch between triangle. My filters it no work here for some reason go back in the multiplayer. Ns dont know just how many human being been having this issue. Yet ive heard a rather a little of human being have had this concern triangle. Fast your filters will select hardcore bang indigenous 95 to 18 that just happened triangle check out servers heres a list of all the hardcore servers you deserve to pick that is beautiful l. 3. Top top the bottom goes between ping periodically thats essential sort by surname players. I constantly go through players ns go because that the most pat server that ns can get hopefully the helps you most comprehensive video here i gained a little message. I will certainly respond come you best now. Im just making this video clip real rapid for you so you have the right to understand precisely how the find engine functions im going to go earlier to ago im gonna present another video clip right behind this one however let me price this comment below whos here who is below flaming dorito. Ns knew the youd it is in surprised at just how many human being dont recognize that and how plenty of questions i actually get honest. Yet okay flaming dorito go check him out ns am out next video clip will be comes up in a few minutes. Hopefully that helps you appreciate it i will watch you ~ above the battlefield music. .

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