The Madden 22pump fake. Kind for acquiring defenses come bite one means before burn them deep the other. It"s one of the numerous intangible weapons in your attack arsenal, and it have the right to lead to large scores and even larger wins if used correctly. But how perform you pump fake in Madden 22on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X|S, and also PC?
It"s really quite simple.

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You pump fake by double-tapping the button for the recipient you want the defense to bite on. This will certainly bait the defense towards the receiver, opened up an additional receiver come actually catch the ball.

To pump fake:

Snap the ballDouble-tap the button of the recipient you want to fake to

The pump fake have the right to be fickle, too. Occasionally you will certainly pump fake and also be maybe to litter to the plan receiver immediately; sometimes, you won"t. The input simply doesn"t seem to register. There"s additionally the risk of double-pumping if girlfriend mash the switch for the to plan receiver too shortly after the early press, which fully throws turn off the time of any play.

Best courses for the Pump Fake


The pump fake is ideal used ~ above a hitch-and-go or any type of double-move play. It also works well with a deep fade path that provides the receiver sufficient room follow me the sideline to produce separation. Article routes can likewise work depending upon the defense, as can routes across the middle, though to varying success.

For many routes, it"s finest to pump fake early, so her target receiver have the right to put distance in between him and also the defender. For hitch-and-go and double-move routes, it"s best to pump fake as soon as the receiver makes his cut, which commonly draws in the totality field.

Remember that every little thing constricts ~ above a much shorter field, making the pump fake also less useful for much longer routes over the 50 and closer come the endzone.

Best Defense for the Pump Fake

Ideally, the pump fake is best used versus deeper ar coverages, such as Cover 3 match or sheathe 4 Palms, whereby you have the right to bait a defender within or off twin coverage. Using it against man-to-man coverage is challenging at best; the AI second doesn"t it seems to be ~ to take the bait also often.

However, though the pump fake have the right to occasionally stupid the secondary, the still takes beneficial time to pull off. Simply as you would certainly be for a play-action pass, it is in wary that the pass rush once pump faking to prevent a sack.

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And that"s exactly how you pump fake in Madden 22, whether you"re play on console or PC. If you"re wondering just how to slide, think about checking the end our rapid guide on the mechanic here.