I want to insert two tables side by next on a single page. The tables are pretty large, 46 rows by 4 columns. I developed them in Excel, however found that they can"t it is in imported directly and have to it is in pasted into an existing table (Table > Excel Spreadsheet). I did the same and also got lock in the document.

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Now the problem is that they can"t be inserted side by next (perfectly). When I carry out not have any kind of break (section break, web page break or also a line break), castle do gain side by side, yet one of castle is shifted down by one row. I tried using columns, however it didn"t help.

I"m utilizing Office 2019 variation 1905.The document1.(As the table to the best is shifted under by one row, the last row can"t be seen)

Thanks.1 some fonts might not be over there on your computer.

Double click the table, then as soon as you are viewing it together a spreadsheet, you can change the "window" of cells that are displayed in Word. Simply grab the bottom to prolong it one more line.



yet what if the various other table has actually less rows? ns noticed the Word to adjust them with their critical rows. So one of them (the one with less rows) will be change down. What if I want them to it is in aligned with the peak row (so that none is shifted down)?
I think you"d get far better results formatting the tables as an easy word tables (and not as installed excel files) over there is a summary of how to perform it in this question.

I would certainly then add both tables in a section collection to two columns. Remember the the columns space (in Word"s human being anyway) sequential, so you can adjust the top alignment by adding or removed paragraph and line breaks to get them to match (assuming they are all in the exact same paragraph style)

For some reason, that doesn"t beat nicely once you try and modify the record in google docs, however it does job-related in indigenous - can be downloaded from here

Hope this helps


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