I was super excited to try out this game, i placed my graphics come a minimum and also closed all my programs.

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I have a really solid computer (I have the right to use VR with it v no problem) however I am constantly gaining so lot lag.

is there anything else I have the right to do or download therefore the video game can operation smoothly?


try firestorm, & don't usage shadows. I have actually a nicer computer, i7-6700k, gtx 1070, 32 gigs of ram, & ns still can't have an excellent frames with shadows on. Firestorm allows you save display choices in the optimal corner. I have actually my "normal" settings which space ultra everything -shadows & reflections, climate i have my photography settings which is the sams +shadows & reflections, then my "why does everyone need to wear 17 huds and also a mesh vagina to go shopping" settings which is low everything lol

It's due to the fact that people produce endless piles of crap with substantial texture resolutions for tiny objects. I had actually a friend that made jewellery and on mean there would be 5 come 8 1024x1024 structure on a cursed ring or pendant the you wouldn't possibly be able to discern if girlfriend zoomed best in. Another friend produced the an initial photorealistic adidas allstars in SL and they had actually 40 1024 textures.

No one has a clue around optimisation.

you know i i found it this.

I visited a zone, there to be a spot whereby I dropped through the map, and also there was simply so much crap underneath the map, all i might think was "wow no wonder why the video game lows, over there is a bunch the useless crap under here no one have to really see. Trees, founts..and other stuff just being rendered and not used :(

The video game cant it is in optimized due to no development team and also many unskilled users producing content. Shot out a couple of different viewers. They all excell at something different, but, after trying them all, Firestorm is the ideal for what i carry out on sl. Also, to decrease the max particles the are allowed to it is in rendered and also the draw distance. Im running a 1080ti, 7i, 16 g and i get stuck in dirt often. I feel for the low spec players the end there.

Agreed. I prefer Firestorm, an especially for exactly how well it download textures. And also I'd suggest counterintuitively that absolute minimal graphic settings periodically makes lag worse because that me. Ns do reduced down on rendering particles and rezzing more complex avatars.

If you are in an empty sim, it must run fine. As quickly as you room in a sim with various other people, there will certainly be lag. When I'm in a club through 20 other human being I'm typically running at in between 2 and 15 fps. As soon as I'm in an empty sim, I run at 40 to 60 fps. As much as ns know, there is nothing come do around the lag in a lived in sim other than to relocate to somewhere that you can use your camera to look approximately instead of relocating your avatar.

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All of this might be true or may not it is in its really hard to say. What people fail to realize is while sl does sweet a lot of on her GPU, fluid gameplay additionally relies ~ above several various other variables. First of all if various other users close to you space wearing or making use of objects that cause you come lag the geniuses at LL have created an anti-lag feature dubbed "Jellydolls". This is essentially setting your watch so that its impede users and thier objects indigenous lagging adjacent users. Turns them to figures that resemble jellymen. Lol. Instructions on how to utilize these setups is top top the phoenix viewer wiki. Also, a Solid and also stable internet link is vital. If you know your router model and understand a couple of basic networking concepts, ns would suggest reading increase on just how forwarding the port in her router the sl uses can increase fps and reduce download time for big texturing and so forth. Maintaining your structure cache clear as much as possible, and also theres a hold of other settings in ~ firestorm that room pretty straightforward to know to optimize gameplay. Ny system is custom constructed , Water cooled Ryzen cpu on one ASUS Gaming board. Ive got 2 1 TB drives confiigured together a RAID drive and also a 480 GB heavy state for my OS and applications. 2 1080ti 2gb GPUs brigded v crossfire and also 32gb ddr3 RAM. No a Super system by any way but no slouch. And while correctly I watch my fps loss dangerously short (sometimes between 4-8 fps) I rarely crash and the times I obtain those speeds is as soon as fps matters the least.