As a lot as I choose the original Fallout, I deserve to think of a couple of better names for my dog than Dogmeat. Is it possible to rename Dogmeat, either in-game or with the console?


I managed to find one solution, which is straightforward, if not fairly right. Since this involves file manipulation, it will not work on consoles. Also any patches can wipe it out, but you can constantly simply readjust it back if that happens.

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Navigate to steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Data/Strings. This folder contains all the messages that appear in the game.Make a backup copy of the three documents in this folder, Fallout4_en.DLSTRINGS, Fallout4_en.ILSTRINGS, and also Fallout4_en.STRINGS.Use your favourite text editor to replace the word "Dogmeat" via whatever before you want Dogmeat to be dubbed. Do this in each of the 3 records.Enjoy your newly-named dog, though anyone that talks around him in dialog will still call him Dogmeat. Rude.



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