My surname is Zack Hample, and I've snagged more than 11,000 baseballs in the stands at MLB stadiums. Ns don't blog (much) anymore, however there are numerous *amazing* entries here in the archives, therefore comb v those and make certain to uncover me ~ above YouTube. That's where the activity is now.

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When i ran inside Yankee stadium yesterday, i was glad to watch that the grounds crew was in the process of setting up batting practice:

His name is Stuart Jon (check the end his net site) and he’s been reading my blog for rather some time. After many many emails (and his pledge of three cents per ball for mine charity), this was the first time we’d met in person. Understanding I would certainly be in ~ this game, he lugged both of my books and asked me to authorize them because that his one-year-old boy called Charlie.

Finally, at approximately 12:45pm, there was a promising authorize of life top top the field:


The A’s players had actually come out to stretch and run and also throw. THIS was going to be my possibility to obtain a ball, however it wasn’t walk to it is in easy. Ns couldn’t walk in prior of the railing (the one through the drink holders in the photo above), so ns was in which method going to have actually to gain the players’ attention and convince among them to launch a round over eight rows the seats and also dozens of fans. I had actually done the before, however it was constantly tough.

There were only two balls in use. Ns screamed my head off for the an initial one, however Adam Kennedy tossed it come a little kid in the former row. Daric Barton, the starting first baseman, ended up v the other ball, and also I was sure that he’d cave onto it and use it as the infield warm-up ball, however I shouted for it anyway. What else to be there to do? ns shouted and also he ignored me, so ns shouted again, and he looked up right into the crowd, so ns shouted once much more and waved mine arms and also he looked best at me. I flapped my glove, and also he turned and fired the ball. It was falling a little short. I knew that I’d be able to reach it, however I was afraid the the male in prior of me would certainly reach up and also intercept it…but the barely cleared his hands, and also it smacked right into the bag of my glove. It was the best relief EVER. The ball had a Yankee stadion commemorative logo design (like this) and also I immediately handed it to Eli:


Five minutes later, a couple of outfielders started throwing, and also I gained a 2nd ball (also commemorative) from Rajai Davis! I provided that one to Kathryn. Right here she is with it in her hand together she was filling the end the beginning lineups on her score sheets:



My streak to be alive. Castle both had actually a ball. I could relax…and the was great because over there wasn’t lot I could’ve done during the game anyway. We were sitting in the middle of a lengthy row, one and a half sections indigenous the end of the 3rd base dugout. Great seats to clock the game? Yes, the course. An excellent seats to capture a foul sphere or a 3rd-out ball? Erm…no. I’d to buy the tickets turn off StubHub, which regrettably doesn’t carry out seat number so there was no means to find out (until the transaction to be complete) if we’d it is in on the aisle. Therefore yeah, we were every trapped there, yet given the reality that I’d snagged those 2 baseballs, the was in reality nice come sit still and also focus ~ above Eli and also not need to worry about adding to mine total.

This to be our view.


This to be my lunch:


This was also my lunch:

I don’t have good luck v waiter-service-food at baseball games. This was only the 2nd time I’d ever before ordered it. The other time to be at Turner Field almost a decade ago. I’d snuck down right into the an elaborate seats through a friend, so us ordered food and also before the arrived, we got kicked the end by security. We’d currently paid for it, and also thankfully we were allowed to wait at the height of the section (in the cross-aisle) until it arrived. That was very embarrassing.

I sat beside Eli throughout the game and explained stuff nonstop native Watching Baseball Smarter. He already knew fairly a bit (including the infield fly rule), for this reason it was a an obstacle at time to come increase with points that were new, yet I uncovered a way.

The video game itself was thoroughly entertaining. There were several lead changes, and also there was just one house run. (Home runs bore me if I’m not in a position to catch them. I wish the MLB Network would present highlights of triples instead.) once Mariano Rivera gotten in the video game (for a four-out save) and “Enter Sandman” began blasting, a fan in the top deck was displayed headbanging on the Jumbotron. I’ve seen this guy before. He’s hilarious:

During the 9th inning, Kathryn asked me to authorize the baseballs come her and also Eli. I said signing one round to the 2 of them for this reason they could keep the other ball pure. She to be fine v that, and this was the result:

The “4142” represents my existing ball total. That’s just how I sign every little thing snag-related.

Kathryn and also Eli had their very own copy the “Watching Baseball Smarter,” and after the game I signed that too. Here we are:

Final score: Yankees 7, Athletics 5.

Here are Kathryn’s score sheets:

Very impressive. (“I’m a semi-serious geek for a girl,” she said me.)

On our way out, I stopped to gain a pic that the good Hall…

…and once we got outside (and since Kathryn and Eli’s camera battery had actually died), ns took one last photograph of them, i m sorry you deserve to see below on the right.

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• 2 balls at this game

• 322 balls in 38 games this season = 8.47 balls per game.

• 607 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 135 continually Yankee gamings with at least one ball

• 6 consecutive games at the new Yankee Stadium with at the very least two balls

• 18 consecutive Watch through Zack games with at least two balls

• 4,142 total balls


• 114 donors (It’s not too late to make a pledge. Click right here to learn more…)