I desire to keep asking the user to go into a question around volume until the say "exit". However, i don"t know exactly how to save myself from getting stuck in when loop, if I set exit = 1 in every of the if declaration it division the out of the when loop obviously but I want to repetitively ask the user questions. I"m stumped, and a point in the ideal direction would certainly be an extremely helpful.

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"exit" is a constructed in role that terminates a MATLAB program. Don"t use that name, obviously, or any other surname of any type of other integrated function.
Put the strfind inside the when test and also inside a contact to isempty(), so do those two lines into this solitary line.

Thank you a lot, I"ll start doing the now. What i did come "fix" it prior to you comment is the I put question right into the cube if statement, yet then that really only fixed the difficulty if the user starts through a question about a volume that a cube with height = x. If they ask about any other shapes, that just display screens their question until they ask about a cube and then works correctly. How deserve to I settle that?


I am utilizing if conditions in simulink with logical operators and i experince same trouble , matlab hangs after running the simulation.I doubt if the loop goes to inifinity and if therefore how deserve to i correct it in simulink .My design is a power mechanism model and also if condition has to check net power at ac network continuosly during simulation time.can i include any other block in simulink chin to deal with this isissue or need to write regimen

Use a failsafe like I showed: a examine on the number of iterations so you don"t get into an infinite loop.
Attach your password if friend need more help. Yet I don"t have actually Simulink so I can only recommend on MATLAB code.

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