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Variable aid power steering question
Do all 95 Bonne SSEi"* have variable assist? If so, and also my auto has it, why walk it require so much initiative at speeds under 20mph? I mean it seems favor I have actually less assist at greater speeds, i beg your pardon is a an excellent thing, however I just thought there"d it is in much an ext assist at low speed, such as as soon as parking, etc. My SHO had actually a preety nice help at short speeds and also tightened increase at higher speeds. I only essential one finger to turn the wheel once parking, and also my Bonne demands some an excellent oomph. Would a strength steering flush help?How can I call if i do have actually variable assist? and also if i do, is over there any means to increase the amount of aid at lower speeds?Thanks.

I don"t think I have the right to do mine with one finger. I know the steering top top my automobile at low speeds takes an ext effort 보다 my dad"* Delta 88, which has actually a much much more numb steering.
You don"t take place to have your original home window sticker do you? due to the fact that thats how I knew mine had magnasteer.If girlfriend do have actually it deserve to be changed at a dealership. I had mine adjusted to the lowest aid setting. Do a substantial improvement. The GM technology didnt even know girlfriend could readjust it. He said he to be going to adjust his Bonneville later that day.

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Please exactly me if I"m wrong. Yet aren"t the systems called Variable Assist and Magnasteer different from each other in the variable-assist systems vary the quantity of steering effort according to automobile speed. While Magnasteer is a more sophisticated variable Assist collection up whose characteristics can just be changed, primarily, by a dealer. It to be introduced about 1996.

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