I have begun to pat SSF2 (Super Smash speed 2) and also am wondering how long that takes come unlock every character via play time, particular fights, etc. If anyone might tell me that would help a ton. The reason I"m questioning on here is ns cant find a reliable resource to discover out. Thanks a ton!



As much as personalities there space only 2 unlockables - Sandbag and also Pichu.

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Sandbag is unlocked by to win an digital match.

Pichu is unlocked by dealing at or end 172% damage to Pikachu in one stock in a human being v. Human match.

As much as step go, honestly you can find this top top the wiki; just make certain you are looking at the present version the the game. Vault versions (like 0.9b) had different unlock rules.


in addition to Brandon_J"s answer, you can likewise unlock Sandbag through completing standard mode on typical or higher as Random. Additionally a quick way to gain Pichu is to success a one stock complement with you as Pikachu and the begin damage collection to 999 (it doesn"t necessarily have to be person vs. Human, the Pikachu just needs to be human controlled.) if you lose, simply do the same thing again until you win.


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