No issue where we space in our walk with God, numerous of us struggle with our identities. Although we have referred to as on Jesus together our Lord and Savior, us still battle with that we room in Christ. We know we have come to be a part of God’s family, saved by grace, provided mercy, and also forgiven of our sins. Yet, for many of us, we still don’t understand what that method in light of the person we check out in the mirror.

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There space two truths I believe God desires you to take host of today.

You room a princess in the Kingdom of God.

You may have heard this well-known inspirational quote, “I am the daughter of a King that is not moved by the world for mine God is v me and goes prior to me. I perform not fear due to the fact that I am His.” us love the truths to express here, especially when we space trying come lift each various other up throughout times that trial. However, this is not just a “feel-good” picture for united state to article on social media and also the wall surfaces of ours homes, but a fact that God wants us to take host of deep in our spirits.

While over there are numerous Scriptures that stand for the reality of this quote, I’d choose for you to consider one of my favorites, Psalm 45. When it defines the royal court, the writer straight speaks the God on his eternal throne (Psalm 45:6). Additionally, scholar attribute the Psalm as describing Christ’s relationship to the Church which is explained as the Bride of Christ. Verses 10 and also 11 in the brand-new Living translate into state:

“Listen come me, O royal daughter; take to heart what ns say.Forget her people and your household far away.

For your royal husband delights in her beauty;honor him, because that he is her lord.”

Did you record that? We space “royal daughters” in the Kingdom that God. He delights in our beauty! to ~ friend, did you know that it’s not simply the beauty beauty that have the right to be seen through the eye that renders our Heavenly father rejoice over us? that is our inner beauty the brings Him such joy! In 1 Samuel 16:7, God claims that that “doesn’t see points the means you see them. Human being judge by external appearance, yet the lord looks in ~ the heart.”

This brings me come the next truth I’d favor to share v you:

You are the embodiment that the Proverbs 31 woman.

For numerous of us, consisting of myself, we read around the Proverbs 31 woman and also immediately disassociate ourselves native her. She is explained as a “wife the noble character” (v. 10) who “children stand and bless her” (v.28), and also most of the moment we solid feel us fit the description. Take into consideration with me, however, that no matter what season that life you space in, you are a combination of the 2 truths i have collection before you:

You room a Proverbs 31 Princess

You might be asking exactly how in the world I have pertained to this conclusion. In our culture of film and various media, we room bombarded with pictures of those with whom we would certainly gladly exchange places. Us oftentimes recognize with one of the characters we’ve seen portrayed in Disney films, well known for their female heroines depicted in story of adventure and romance. Probably you room like among these fictitious princesses:

The wayward daughter that longed to be someone various other than that she was and be part of who else’s world.The daughter who was stripped of her wealth and also status, steeling to scullery maid, desiring nothing an ext than to be valued and also cherished together she had been in the past.The beauty that willingly risked it all to conserve the only family she had left and also subjected herself to the “savage beast.”The independent, strong-willed princess that longed for a destiny other than her own and was beguiled by the methods of her society while she do the efforts to adjust her fate.The princess who was hidden and also raised together a peasant girl until the job she learned of her true heritage, however still dropped to victim to the an extremely circumstances from which she was originally protected.

I perform not need to name them for you to recognize with them. Every one of them have actually experienced some kind of ordeal. And, every one of them had actually to reach under inside themselves to find their inside strength.

Let’s view the 5 young females I have actually mentioned in irradiate of Proverbs 31.

Each one, in the middle of she trial, preferred to be who she to be not; yet, she discovered that her circumstances developed a toughness of character which to be “more priceless than rubies,” nevertheless of her station in life. (v.11)Each suffered some type of hardship, but persevered together she found she was “clothed through strength and also dignity.” (v. 25)Each had actually to address darkness in the love of those that oppressed her, however she brought “good, not harm” come those around her and also found a means to “extend a helping hand” and “open her arms” to those in need (vv. 10, 20).While young in age, every girl dug deep in ~ herself to speak “wise words through “kindness.” (v.26)These girls to be “energetic, strong, and hard” functioning regardless of your position. (v.17)

The difference in between these fictional princesses and also you and me is that us truly are daughters that the many High King. Each one of us possess what we should be the woman described in Proverbs 31. Friend don’t have to be married and also have kids to fit her description. We all endure hardship and also possess strength, dignity and also integrity, serve others v kindness, energy, strength and also hard work. We each have actually been offered the spirit of God, which enables us come live the end these qualities in day-to-day life. Romans 11:9 tells united state “The soul of God, who elevated Jesus indigenous the dead, stays in you.”

So, rejoice, dear sister! You space not just an ordinary woman going with the throes the life, destined to stay where you are. You room the jewel in your Father’s crown! You are a Princess who is every little the Proverbs 31 Woman.

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As the bible says, “There are numerous virtuous and also capable females in the world, but YOU surpass lock all!” Proverbs 31:29


Michelle Flaugh is a fourth-generation Russian Jew who came to be a believer in Messiah at the period of 25. If she prospered up in Plano, Texas and has lived in countless places, she phone call Florence, Kentucky home. She is wife to Rob, momma come Kyra, and also (step)mom to Cody and Amber. In enhancement to being a wife and mother, she homeschools Kyra and also serves with number of ministries. Her deepest passion is come share the heart of God v others therefore they can embrace their identification in Christ and also learn to walk in the calling and also purpose God has on your lives. She at this time blogs, together the lord leads, at