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I was wondering what is the difference in between I wasn"t knowing and I didn"t know? If i say, I wasn"t knowing, ns am talking about something unknown in past, the act of not knowing is finished, it way that I understand it now, but prior to it to be unknown come me.



The main distinction would be the any consistent tense of know will be frowned upon. "I am knowing", "I to be knowing", "I will certainly be knowing" all make tiny sense, together we don"t consciousness the act of discovering as a feasible thing. Knowing other is a state, no an action.

I can say ns am biking, i am painting, ns am thinking.

But as soon as I describe a state, a static home which does not describe any action, a constant tense is confusing. At any type of moment in time, i either know or I carry out not know. Yet in neither situation am I proactively performing an activity of knowing.

So the correct sentence would certainly be:

I didn"t know.

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i wasn"t learning or i didn"t know

The first is incorrect, use the second form. If you desire to convey the you now know, use

I didn"t understand then.

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I don"t understand if the inquiry as proclaimed can yes, really be answered as one would never say "I wasn"t knowing".

You should certainly go with "I didn"t know", "I wasn"t aware" or other to the regard.

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Knowing miscellaneous isn"t an action but fairly a mental state, the consistent form is not provided for this.

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