He’s passionate, that cares around you, he’s also deeply affectionate at times.

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Surely you can’t just be a “side chick” in his eyes, right?!

But when you’re away from him and you take a step ago and reflect:

You realize the in useful terms you’re still simply his next chick. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And he’s not planning on leave his mam or girlfriend anytime soon.

So what go this median for you?

Can he yes, really love you? will certainly he ever leave his partner for you?

It’s a tricky question.

Yes, it’s certainly possible, but it’s walk to rely on a lot of various variables.

And the is what i hope I deserve to answer because that you in this article.

We need to analyze the nitty-gritty of his behavior and also see just how he genuinely feels about you.

Look, i’m Lachlan Brown, founder of the Hack soul blog you’re reading, and also I have written hundreds of posts on the principle of love and relationships, and also in this article, i’m going to walk over all the various caveats that indicate a man deserve to or can’t love his side chick.

First, we’ll start with the habits that imply a man can love his next chick, then we’ll talk about signs that he clearly can’t love his next chick.

After that, fine talk around what you deserve to do to relocate forward.

We have a lot come cover for this reason let’s obtain started.

Before we start, deserve to a guy love 2 girls at the exact same time?


First, before we start, i realize that few of you can be asking the question, “can a guy love his side chick?” because you simply want to recognize whether the guy you’re having an to work with can actually have actually genuine feelings because that you.

Perhaps girlfriend don’t care about developing a future connection with him, and for now, you just want to know, does this man genuinely care for me?

So we should ask:

Can a man love 2 women in ~ the same time?

Because that obviously loves the mrs he is committed to, however can the love you, too?

Empirical evidence clearly suggests that humans are capable of loving and also having sex with much more than one human at the same time.

However, while he may have the ability to love multiple females at the very same time, that won’t have the ability to accept the you’re in love through multiple men.


Because emotionally, that is incredibly painful come imagine her lover through someone else.

Indeed, in psychologist Aaron Ben-Zeev’s publication on romantic ideology and its victims, he discovered that if no-one that interviewed uncovered it daunting to love an ext than one person at the same time, lock did uncover it big difficult, if no impossible, to share their beloved with someone else.

This is donate up through Elisabeth Sheff, writer of The Polyamorists following Door: within Multiple partner Relationships and Families, who states that monogamy isn’t specifically natural due to the fact that it take away so numerous social frameworks to exist.

She states “It seems an ext natural for humans to desire a personal harem, so each of us obtain to reap sexual variety, yet insist on sex-related exclusivity for our lovers, so us don’t have to address jealousy.”

So in short:

Yes, humans deserve to love two civilization at the very same time, however they typically can’t expropriate that their partner will also do the exact same thing.

Okay, so that we’ve got that the end the road, stop talk about your man specifically. Walk he really love you?

Here some signs that indicate that the genuinely can have the feels because that you, even if you’re his “side chick”.

7 indications that a male genuinely loves his side chick


1. You room his priority

On his perform of priorities, where execute you sit?

I understand this sounds an easy but your place on his priority ladder is walking to disclose a most his intentions.

Is security time through you necessary to him? Does that spend many of his “free time” v you?

If the is spending most of his totally free time v you compared to his wife or girlfriend, then it’s quite assured he has genuine feelings for you.

After all, our free time is when we have actually the ultimate an option of that we prefer to spend our time with.

Now I’m sure he has actually spent time v his mam (or family) for crucial events and occasions.

That’s fine, however it’s no really what I’m introduce to here. It’s his cost-free time that is the paramount importance here.

How go he use it?

If it’s largely with you, then you deserve to bet her bottom dollar the he has actually genuine feelings for you.

But if he only spends a brief amount that time through you simply so he have the right to have a “good time” climate he leaves, then that’s not such a good sign.

2. He feels like your hero

Look, I’ve done a the majority of research on relationships and also what ignites and keeps love strong, and also a brand-new theory called “the hero instinct” provides the most sense to me.

You see, a recent study released in the Physiology and also Behavior journal argues that a male’s testosterone renders them feeling protective over the mrs they space committed to.

And this is why the “hero instinct” goes come the love of the riddle that why a man falls in love – and who they loss in love with.

The hero instinct, coined by connection psychology James Bauer, claims that men want come be your hero.

They want to action up come the plate because that the woman in their resides and administer and protect her.

This is deeply rooted in male biology.

So what I’m acquiring at right here is the if the feels like a hero to you, if the protects you and also tries to make you feel secure and comfortable climate he more than likely loves you.

How can you tell?

Surprisingly, small acts the behavior and affection will certainly actually tell you.

For example, walk he placed his human body on the next of the roadway that the web traffic is on?

Does he protect you when any kind of potential peril arises?

When friend have had actually an dispute with a co-worker, go he naturally take your side?

If you start noticing how he behaves roughly you, you’ll begin to gain clues regarding whether he sees himself together your hero and also he wants to defend you.

Now over there are little things you deserve to do to an alert if does check out himself together your “hero”, and also there are also ways come activate this instinct in him.

If friend would like to learn an ext about the hero instinct, examine out this totally free online video clip by the connection psychologist that coined the term. He provides a fascinating understanding into this new concept.

3. Once you’re feeling down, he is there to save the day

This is a comparable play on the “hero instinct”, yet it’s together a large sign that it deserves to be a sign in and of itself.

So, the concern is: how does this guy act as soon as you’re feeling down and also you’re going through a complicated situation?

Does he automatically come approximately to view you and make you feel better? Or is that something that he tries come ignore?

How he acts in challenging situations will disclose A LOT around how he feels and how invested he is in the “affair” between the two of you.

When a male is genuinely in love, he’ll feeling stressed as soon as the woman he cares because that is in pain.

After all, a man has actually a organic instinct to carry out and protect the mrs he care about.

If he just wants to overlook your problems and hope the they walk away, climate he probably doesn’t truly care for you.

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4. Does that wear his wedding ring approximately you?

This sign is obviously just for the men that space married, however it is a really important gesture come consider.

I understand it sounds rather insignificant, however if he naturally takes his wedding ring off once he security time with you, then it may allude to the reality that he desire he wasn’t married and that he was cost-free to be with you.

And acquisition off his wedding ring is a sign of things to come.

Don’t count all her eggs in one basket though.

It could also mean the he is awkward of cheating ~ above his wife and keeping points as hidden as possible.

So, how deserve to you tell the difference?

Well, if he just takes his wedding ring off in windy places, climate it may suggest to the truth that that is awkward of cheating top top his wife and also deceiving she behind her back.

But if he takes turn off his wedding ring for every minute that he spends time v you, then it may point to that being much more genuine around his feelings because that you.

5. The is just staying v this wife or girlfriend because that social or family reasons

Well, this is a huge one.

Is there a reason he can’t leave his wife or girlfriend?

Because if he genuinely loves you, then you deserve to bet her bottom dollar that he would certainly leave his mam or girlfriend for you in a heartbeat.

Maybe you’re questioning yourself: have the right to a male love 2 women at the time?

“Love” is a facility subject, however I think that the “hero instinct” is only activated for one woman at a time.

So this is why i say if he has actually no intentions of leaving his girlfriend or wife, then clearly he wants to protect them over you.

But there might other reasons he simply must stay along with his wife or girlfriend.

For example:

Perhaps his girlfriend is going through a specifically bad time and also he doesn’t want to leaving her appropriate now because it would certainly be too hard on she in this phase of she life.

Or if the is married, then maybe he has kids, and also they’ve chose that it would be far better for the household if they were to continue to be together.

But if he has told you the he wants to finish up v you and only you, and he is just waiting for the opportune moment to do so, then you understand it’s most likely that he does really love you.

But if he hasn’t claimed anything that shows that he wants to leaving his wife or girlfriend, and also he even ignores the question once you ask, climate you’re merely a side chick to him.

A side chick the he probably doesn’t love.

Otherwise, he would leave his wife or girlfriend for you in a heartbeat. There is no doubt around it.

6. He’s really jealous when you talk around other men

I’m a psychology buff by trade, and I have the right to tell girlfriend that one of the the strongest emotions I’ve studied is the feel of jealousy.

Everybody have the right to feel it, and it’s difficult to control.

So, exactly how does your male react once you talk around other men?

After all, I’m assuming the if you’re simply his “side chick” the you’re also allowed to see other men.

He should be okay through it, right?

So if he it s okay angry, or protective when friend speak about other men, climate you’re awakening jealously in him due to the fact that he has feelings because that you.

Now I’m willing to bet the you might not speak around other guys in front of him.

But if you really want to test this out, then provide it a shot. Speak about a man you went on a day with and see just how he reacts.

If he gets jealous, then his feelings for you are most likely genuine.

7. That is make plans because that the future with you

If the is do plans because that the future through you, also if it is something tiny like planning for a holiday, then it’s a an excellent indicator that he is in it for the lengthy haul.

After all, it method that he desires to spend time v you and also he watch a future once you two space together.

This is in reality a good sign that he could leave his wife or girlfriend for you and also you men can build a future relationship together.

8. That is ending up being less paranoid around being found out through his wife

This is actually a pretty substantial indicator that the tide is transforming in her favor.

You see, if he still look at himself having actually a future with his current wife, climate he’ll do whatever he have the right to to stop her recognize out.

He’ll do things you discover odd, like publication a hotel room in a different name. Or view you in a suburb that is bonkers indigenous his place.

But if he starting to relax about how and when that is see you, and you’re also going out in windy together, then maybe he is coming to be less worried about being discovered out.

He might be thinking that in the end, being uncovered out is an easy means to call his wife that the is see someone else and he wants a divorce.

On various other hand, here are 5 factors he might not leaving his mam or girlfriend because that you


1. He doesn’t desire to.

Here’s the cold tough truth since we think you need to hear it: he won’t leave his partner for you because he doesn’t want to.

Unfortunately, this is the most usual scenario when it concerns men and their affairs.


Because if he did, he would have done that already.

He could be filling your head with lots of lies (disguised together promises) about how that loves you and also how much you median to him, however if it was true, the would uncover a means to be v you no issue what.

He’s recognize a way to be with his wife or girlfriend, no he?

Being a next chick hurts.

But it’s not all because that nothing: if you not looking for him come commit to you then you have the right to both just carry on v what you doing with the expectation indigenous the other person.

2. The too much work.

As harsh together it sounds, leaving a marriage or permanent relationship is a logistical nightmare.

It have the right to take months or also years because that a partnership to it is in legally over and also depending on what his mam or girlfriend has to say about it, you might get all captured up in their drama, leaving no time for the nurturing that your very own relationship.

He could think it’s no worth the hassle.

However, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. The just method that that is i can not qualify to placed in the job-related to leaving his present partner to it is in in a certified connection with you.

3. He’s wait for her to leave.

Despite his finest efforts, that still wants to be a great husband to his wife or companion to his girlfriend and he can be waiting for her to relocate on prior to he comes clean about his own indiscretions.

That can mean waiting years however if he’s committed come this original relationship, you will do it be wait a long time.

It doesn’t typical he won’t ever be through you, but it can not be follow to your timeline and if he has actually kids, you’ll actually finish up see him less when he’s a single man since of his family obligations.

It’s most likely just less complicated to bring on this way.

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4. That treats you differently than other girls.

You’ve checked out it v your very own eyes: that treats you in a different means that the treats other girls. He’s kind and gentle and also a true gentleman v them.

With you, it’s all wham, bam, thank-you-Mam. He’s acquired no genuine plans to make you the one the comes home to, simply the one he concerns when he demands to allow loose.

He no pay you compliments and doesn’t pay lot attention to you exterior the bedroom.

These room all huge red flags the you offer one purpose and one objective only.

5. Girlfriend don’t acquire to contact him.

One of the greatest giveaways that he is no leaving his girlfriend because that you is the you can’t call him.

He only contacts you as soon as it is practically (aka SAFE) for him to carry out so.

He won’t contact you when his girl friend or mam is roughly and, pertained to think that it, he i will not ~ answer the phone once you call.

He doesn’t review your texts during the day and you only gain to talk to him because that a short period of time every day – if that.

He’s really unavailable and he desires it that way.

Whether or no you’re to plan to do a life with this man is irrelevant: he’s no planning to do one with you.

If he’s doing also one the these points it’s since he wants to save the connection he has with you totally off the books.

He’ll pretty the up and also make the sound legit, however actions speak louder than words when it involves love.

He doesn’t need to tell you the he’s no leaving his girlfriend due to the fact that you currently knew that.

So if that won’t leave his wife or girlfriend for you, must you proceed being his “side chick”? Pros and also cons of being a side chick


If you’ve concluded the he won’t leave his mam or girlfriend because that his next chick, should you continue being the next chick?

This is completely up to you, and also how much enjoyment you’re gaining out of the present arrangement.

Here space the pros and also cons of being someone’s next chick:

The complete Package

When there space two ladies involved, girlfriend each have a duty to play. The male is gaining something from both the you the he can not possibly acquire from one of you alone.

That’s something to think about because if that decides to leave his mam for you.

He could suddenly need an ext of your time, attention and you might suddenly find him needy and self-absorbed.

It’s difficult to say why a male keeps two women around, however one thing is because that sure: it benefits him an ext than anyone else.

Puppy Love

There’s no doubt that brand-new relationships space exciting and also fun and filled v anticipation and also wonder.

But it is not always a good thing in the lengthy run.

Wouldn’t friend just end up prefer his mam over time?

Will over there be an additional woman to replace you when he gets bored v you?

Sure, it’s all fun and also games in the beginning but do no mistake: all relationship age. Part relationships age harder 보다 others.

He feels Rejected

We talk a many smack around men cheating yet we don’t constantly talk around what the mam is law to cause that cheating.

We automatically assume the she is an chaste victim in all this but perhaps she has cheated on that or treats the poorly.

He might be searching for love in other places out that a true ambition to be love the means he think he deserves to be loved.

The pro right here is the you can give him that.

The con is the no matter how much he desires you to love him, he wants his mam to love him too.

He feels safe v you due to the fact that there’s no threat of being hurt.

It offers him the confidence to go back to his mam and shot to figure things out. It’s no black and white, that’s for sure.

You have actually Your Freedom

Not every women want to be tied down by a irreversible commitment and also if you’re among those women, gift someone’s side chick could be just what the medical professional ordered.

If he’s acquired no to plan to leaving his wife and also tells you he’s happy otherwise, climate you can both get what girlfriend want and also nobody it s okay hurt.

Okay, no nobody. His mam is paying a quite hefty price because that your fun together, but if gift a side chick is her thing, you’re no thinking about that.

And it is okay. No everyone is going to be married or want to be married. You get to have your freedom and your fun.

You can Walk Away

One of the biggest advantages of being someone’s side chick is that you have actually nothing to lose.

You can decide you’re excellent at any kind of time and also walk far from the relationship without worrying around much past yourself.

If the decides to leaving his wife for you, she gets hurt, her family gets hurt, and also maybe even their kids.

Nobody dreams of being someone’s side chick, but if you find yourself in the situation, be honest with yourself about what girlfriend want and why you’re law this.

It’s no to ache anyone, the course, however the much more in-depth your connection gets, the more people space going to obtain hurt.

A good rule of ignorance is come treat others the method you’d want to be treated.

If you desire to be v this man and he wants to be with you, then you need to have a conversation about him getting a divorce.

Make certain your motives and also needs are clear. Make certain you’re gaining what you need from this and not simply being strung along by part lonely.

It has to be worth it because that you to walk to all this trouble to hide your relationship and also risk being caught.

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Be clear about what this connection is and what it is not best from the start. The will conserve everyone a world of hurt.