Steve Harvey’s “Moral Barometer” is broken.

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Everyone deserves a second chance. And I provided one to Steve Harvey. The mocked human being with disabilities in 2015. Ns was angry and I posted about it (below). Brian loves Little large Shots and also I permit him continue to watch it. Steve Harvey partners through Ellen on a most things and also she is all around inclusion. I figured the had changed his ways.

I to be wrong.


He is currently defending the indefensible.

Steve Harvey’s Wife

His wife provided the R word. And then he defended it. No “Hey, I’m sorry, won’t happen again.”

Nope, instead he placed it top top others, who be “trippin.” fuck you.

You can gain the full story here.

Steve Harvey is not funny.

That’s it. Time’s up. No more.

Don’t watch any type of of his shows. Don’t hear to that on the radio. Tell every one of his partners and supporters the you room not watching him anymore. Friend can discover a list that Steve Harvey’s sponsors here.

Steve Harvey is annoying.

Mocks civilization with disabilities, article from April of 2015

So do you clock or hear to Steve Harvey? Honestly, up until about the holidays, ns was periodically watching him as he come on here throughout the day, and during the job I often keep the tv on because that noise as soon as I’m alone. That was just doing too plenty of dating shows and my dating days are lengthy behind me, for this reason I shed interest. Then I check out an write-up where he to be criticizing atheists. From that allude on, ns was done. Psychic you, atheists are several of the most loathed and feared human being in the world, yet I’m provided to being misunderstood around it. However, he said that atheists don’t have actually a “moral barometer.” That part really insults me. That is the anti-atheist emotion I hate the most. And, really…is the church the only thing the keeps friend from going on a huge crime bender? i doubt it. If the is, maybe you should examine your own ethical barometer.

Oh, sweet hypocrisy….seems that Steve Harvey, that is recognized for judging others, telling males to “man up” and also to it is in a leader and also a function model, demands a little reminder the what that means.

Now psychic you, this many recent incident would have slipped past me, had actually I not viewed a video in my on facebook feed. Ns never have listened to the Steve Harvey radio show, yet apparently, freshly he was making funny of people with disabilities. The woman’s video clip brought me to tears for numerous reasons. She is likewise situated…as far as our parenting status. Yet this one to win me an especially hard today.

Blog Owner’s Note: I have actually removed the video. The reason? appropriate after she “went viral” because that posting the video clip she determined to start a blog. A blog that has actually a name the is really similar to mine. Coincidence? Perhaps. However I did talk about her video clip and shared it, so i’m pretty certain she observed my site name.

Yes, Steve Harvey, sometimes my child grunts.

Why her video really got to me: This morning mine in-laws left our house after a 10-day visit. They departed early, prior to dawn, for the airport. Ns was laying in bed, listening. And I had no plans to obtain up. I had said my goodbyes critical night. However I heard Kevin up. He to be standing in ~ his infant gate. And also he to be grunting. I was so happy!

Kevin does no talk and also does not have actually much practical communication. This grunts are new for him. However I taken them–he heard his Dad and his Mom-mom the end in the kitchen, and, trapped through the baby gate, he want to obtain their attention. He can not talk, for this reason he to be grunting. And also it worked. They heard him and also came and got him and she got to invest a few last minutes hugging and also snuggling him prior to she had a aircraft to catch.

So crap you, Steve Harvey, making funny of human being who grunt. Seriously, just Ns now interpreted her video much more than ever…why she had actually to record it 4x to erase profanities. I’m no re-writing this 4x. My ethical compass is fine….looks choose yours requirements a song up though. Mine grunting, balloon blowing kid is 10x the guy you will ever before hope come be. You room the lowest of the low, making funny of (and proceeding to do so) world who have actually no voice, who are unable to fight back.


I think it’s time because that you to action down from that pedestal that yours, the one wherein you sit and judge and lecture rather on exactly how to live proper. It’s time because that you to live proper. Why don’t you male up and apologize? to think the you offer advice top top “How come act prefer a success.” Is this how you define success? ns don’t. Also after the atheist comments, I gave you somewhat of a pass, since of your mentoring programs that I’ve checked out on TV. What specifically are girlfriend mentoring, if you space the role model?

Steve Harvey Memes


As a side note, according to his very own Facebook page, the is hosting a Q&A conversation on the page, ~ above Wednesday, April 8. It’s around Love…how fitting. Love. I have a few questions I’d favor to asking him.

Here is the really radio show, around a minute in, he talks around her being “32 years old and also the mind of a 3 year old”:

Author update: I want to give thanks to everyone who has actually read and/or comment on this short article in the past day or so. I wanted to answer some of the questions/comments command to me around my opinions, specifically those detailed on Facebook wherein this is posted.

Steve Harvey did not apologize.

First, the “eh, that cares, it’s just comedy?” Obviously, i whole-heartedly disagree, the is the whole allude of this post. Ns don’t see how, at any kind of point, you will obtain me to agree that it’s ok “even in the name of a comedy bit” come reinforce the stereotype the my son and other youngsters like him are nothing much more than annoying, disruptive, grunting, drooling and bubble-blowing idiots. This stereotype is specifically harmful as there are already enough people in culture who execute not value our children and also the worth that they have.

Second, the “who cares? It’s simply Steve Harvey? that is he, anyway?” I get it, type of. However, this is a man who has positioned himself together a valuable mentor come youth, and a function model come others as to how come be successful in society. Because that the society that i live in, I do not desire actions favor this held up together the model.

Updated again 4/9: someone told me the he had actually in reality apologized. So I looked for it and also found it. Meh. He passes the buck and also and it’s half-hearted at best. It reeks that “get over it” come me. And also “all comedy offends.” Actually, ns was just reminded yesterday that this is not true. Ns watched Amy Schumer top top the Ellen show and was doubled over in laughter…and not when did she pick on anyone however herself. It is possible to it is in funny and not offend others.


I still was standing by my original sentiments. I think the Autism with a next of fries synthetic it up best:


And favor Atypical Familia said, it doesn’t make it ok.

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