Because I put together a playlist for once I speed-walk eexceptionally day, I’ve been obsessing over Icelandic indie individual rock band Of Monsters and also Men. Aget. Not just because they are a rocking band also to walk to, as their music has a tendency to have the perfect drumming beat for a hard job-related out, but bereason all of their songs are so laden via heavy emovement.

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Look at ‘I Of The Storm‘, for circumstances, a track from the band’s second studio album and one that is emotional sufficient with just the audio. Pair it with the stunning lyrics video the band released last year, and it’s sufficient to clutch at your spirit.

The lyrics video for ‘I Of The Storm‘ functions Icelandic actor and also make-up artist Atli Freyr Demantur, a friend of Of Monsters and also Men lead singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, that was filmed lip syncing to the song.

But lip syncing via his face consisted of in a stereotypical drag queen style, and lip syncing through such anguish that he portrays all the gut-wrenching sadness and also emovement that profession often conveys.

Watch Of Monsters and also Men’s lyrics video for ‘I Of The Storm‘ below. And, yes, it is my Repeat Rotation Video today as I simply haven’t been able to soptimal myself playing it. If yu love it as much as I perform, you deserve to buy the track now.

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