around The Year the Clayton Delaney died

"The Year that Clayton Delaney Died" is a tune written and recorded by American nation music artist Tom T. Hall. It was released in July 1971 as the only single from the album, in search of a Song. "The Year the Clayton Delaney Died" to be Hall"s 2nd number one ~ above the nation chart. The single stayed at number one for 2 weeks and spent a total of eighteen weeks on the nation charts. The song is based upon Hall"s childhood neighbor and also boyhood hero, Lonnie Easterly.

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Well i remember the year that Clayton Delaney diedThey claimed for the last two weeks that he suffered and criedIt make a huge impression ~ above me although ns was a barefoot kidThey claimed he got religion in ~ the end and also I"m glad the he didClayton to be the ideal guitar picker in our townI thought he to be a hero and also I supplied to monitor Clayton aroundI regularly wondered why Clayton who seemed so great to meNever took his guitar and made it down in TennesseeDaddy said he drank a lot yet I might never understandI knew he provided to choose up in Ohio v a 5 piece bandClayton provided to phone call me boy you much better put the old guitar awayThere ain"t no money in that it"ll command you to an early grayI assumption: v if I"d recognize it Clayton taught me how to drink boozeI can see him half stoned pickin` increase the Lovesick BluesWhen Clayton passed away I made that a promise i was gonna lug on somehowI"d give a hundreds dollars if he can only check out me nowI mental the year the Clayton Delaney diedNobody ever knew it yet I went out in the woods and I criedWell I recognize there"s a lotta big preachers that understand a lot much more than i doBut it could be the the an excellent Lord likes a little picking tooYeah i remember the year the Clayton Delaney died

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Tom T. Hall cutting board "Tom T." room (born may 25, 1936, in Olive Hill, Kentucky) is a retirement American nation music singer-songwriter. He has actually written 11 No. 1 hit songs, v 26 more that got to the peak 10, including the No. 1 global pop crossover quit "Harper sink PTA" and also the hit "I Love", which reached No. 12 ~ above the Billboard warm 100.

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He ended up being known come fans together "The Storyteller," thanks to his storytelling an abilities in his songwriting. Much more »