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Evan native Baltimore, MdThis track was released three months before my father died of a huge heart assault at age 46. I was simply 11 year old when it happened. After mine father"s fatality in 1972, the year to be a blur because that me, but this track is forever linked with my storage of mine father and also the profound sorrow i felt then. Yet, whenever i hear it now I can smile since I remind liking it instantly and also it help me remember how much ns loved him. Sandy native Sydney Australia i heard this track playing in a shop the other day and also it took me straight ago to 1972 as soon as I very first met my now deseased husband. I loved the track then and although ns haven’t heard it because that years, ns still think that a great love song. So countless memories.Gary native LondonIt"s together a beautiful song however it always lands me back in Galway in 1979 together a doomed partnership was play out that is last couple of miserable scenesRhino Djanghardt from EnglandI simply heard the tune as i was driving to work and whacked up the volume. Ns was so sure it to be by George Harrison! The voice and also slide etc playing are so comparable to Harrison"s. Now I"m going come dust off a Todd Rundgren LP as soon as I acquire home ...Mark from MichiganI"ve constantly called this the quintessential 3 minute love song. Brett indigenous Piketon, OhAlways will remind me of mine dad! He play this song once I was little in the auto all the time!Brian native Boston, MaI had actually just assumed the Carol King wrote this for many years but I freshly saw ~ above Wikepedia the todd wrote this together an homage to Carol King.It is amazing just how much the sounds like something she would certainly write.Sarah indigenous Kennewick, WaOh, ns love this song so much. It"s so good because it"s realistic and also I think most civilization can relate--we"ve every been shed by love in the past, ran the end on love in the past, thought we would certainly never discover anyone special...then as soon as you least expect it, right here comes this wonderful person! Beautiful song about how love periodically sneaks increase on you.Lee native Huntsville, Alto me the song is about a guy and girl partnership n the male goes in come it v no emotionally expectation however gets a vibe native the girl the there is much more to it and also he sees it in hers eyes and also then ultimately she deserve to see the exact same from his eyes. It"s all in the eyes...the window to the soul. A really well composed love songJohn indigenous Andover, KsA great song, and also one the Rundgren"s ideal vocal efforts. Really one of the best pop song of the early 70s.Federico native Mendoza, ArmeniaHello, ns live in Argentina. Hce a little time while lead my car I heard in the radio this song and the recollections of my adolescence came unexpectedly to mine head. This ballad to be making me dream and constantly I was sorry the Todd to be not really spread then here, being a great musician come sorrow that in Argentina there is listened an excellent music, foreigner and place. Put my 17-year-old daughter opposite to the computer and I she did oir Todd"s songs and it(he,she) commented! Bark papi that an excellent song! the is splendid to re-publishing music through the children.Federico, Mendoza, Argentina Weavil from Wisconsin Rapids, WiTodd likewise re-did this Bossa Nova layout as as the opening TRack because that 1997"s "With A Twist" the the an initial songs through harmony guitars to with the masses, this number sparked a keep in mind in the head the Tom Scholtz that went ~ above to type Boston and also fire up harmony guitar lines in practically every song.This is likewise performed through The brand-new Cars through Todd and Elliot Easton intertwining claimed lines fairly nicely.Debra Derr native Dover, NjThis was spanned by Hal Ketchum on his 1998 album, "I witnessed The Light." It"s a right ahead homage come Todd, with just a little twang. Good cover.Brent indigenous Miami, FlGreat, good song !!!Matt indigenous Atlanta, joined StatesTodd Rungren in ~ his very best. My wife doesn"t psychic this song, so ns play the every opportunity I obtain on those rarely occasions once we"re every alone!!!Actually, it pretty lot sums up my feelings because that her when we very first met in college. Fall in love was the last thing on my mind, and we had a really stormy go in ~ it! I simply couldn"t fathom walking steady, much much less falling head end heel"s. Clearly, she obtained the last laugh!!!Matt - Atlantasee an ext comments
all of sudden I SeeKT Tunstall

KT Tunstall"s "Suddenly i See" was inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe"s photograph of Patti smith on the sheathe of she album Horses.

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Hotline BlingDrake

The fadeout ~ above Drake"s "Hotline Bling" big 55 secs - among the longest outros of any kind of hip-hop hit.

ContagiousThe Isley brothers

The Isley Brother"s song, "Contagious," peaked at #19 top top the Billboard warm 100. This supposed that the band of brothers became the an initial group come score a optimal 50 struggle in six consecutive decades on the chart.

No Sleep it spins BrooklynBeastie guys

The Beastie Boys" "No Sleep till Brooklyn" is a parody of hefty Metal. Kerry King the Slayer played guitar on the monitor - purposefully out of song in parts.

Love Is A BattlefieldPat Benatar

"Love Is A Battlefield" was composed as a ballad, but Pat Benatar"s guitarist/husband rotate it into an uptempo song.

Somebody favor YouKeith city

When Keith city played "Somebody favor You" because that his girlfriend, she called him a hypocrite since he "sucked in ~ relationships."

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Rob Halford, Richie Faulkner and also Glenn Tipton speak twin guitar harmonies and explain just how they create songs in Judas Priest.

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Despite she reticent personality, Adele"s life and also music space filled v intrigue. View if you can spot the true tales.

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Mike Rutherford talks about the "Silent Running" storyline and also "Land the Confusion" in the age of Trump.

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Collaborating v T Bone Burnett, Leslie Phillips readjusted her name and left she Christian label behind - Robert Plant, who recorded among her song on elevating Sand, is a fan.

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After studying in Paris v a famous composition teacher, Charles became the most successful writer of TV theme songs.

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Kooper created Lynyrd Skynyrd, played through Dylan and also the Stones, and also formed BS&T.