1992 was a year of new beginnings because that Wynonna Judd. In ~ the period of 28, she had already released five studio albums and also scored fourteen No. 1 hits with her mother Naomi as The Judds. After ~ Naomi retirement from touring because of complications to hepatitis, Wynonna started to carry out on her own. She debut album, Wynonna, to be a vast departure because that the singer: it was her first record top top MCA Nashville, having previously taped on RCA; it to be her first record created by Tony Brown despite she had previously only functioned with Brent Maher; and, of course, it to be her first record without the surname "Judd" top top the cover.

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The gambling paid off. The album"s an initial single, "She Is His just Need," fight No. 1 on the Billboard nation singles charts. For this reason did "My the strongest Weakness," "No One rather on Earth," and also "I witnessed the Light."

Taking Flight

"I observed the Light" was, at the moment of that is release, a sharp break indigenous the Judds" signature acoustic sound. While the tune is a mid-tempo cruiser with light lyrics, the digital instrumentation is likely a contribution from co-writer Andrew Gold. The songwriter was also known because that "Thank You for Being a Friend" and also "Never Let she Slip Away." Lisa Angelli, the song"s various other writer, is best known for she theme tune to the 1987 television series Beauty and the Beast.

The song has a short and straightforward story: the character leaves a token of she affection on she partner"s porch. She sees the light through her partner"s home window and realizes they are holding an additional person in their arms. The personality declares the she has actually seen the light and is prepared to move on.

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The synthesizers provide the song a popular music feel, though it"s Wynonna"s impassioned singing that provide the tune a human being -- and also heart-twisting -- touch. This isn"t a song about heartbreak so much as self-actualization.

"I observed the Light" Lyrics

I set a red climbed on your front porch And I wrote "I Love You" top top a note I rang the doorbell and also turned come go Baby once the curtains moved I couldn"t think the view
I saw the irradiate in your window tonight I saw 2 shadows stop each various other tight I know the reality when ns look in her eyes I observed the irradiate in your window tonight
So take her cheating hands turn off my red dress "Cause ns ain"t wearing this point for you I see you clearly now, and your lies too They say the love is blind Well baby no this time
I witnessed the irradiate in your window tonight I saw 2 shadows hold each other tight I recognize the reality when ns look in her eyes I witnessed the irradiate in your window tonight