for someone dealing with incredible obstacles in her life: I want you to skinny on God and also trust his flawless record. He never fails; he have the right to do the impossible. Exactly how do i know? I"ve watched him perform it!
I have actually no doubt my God can do the impossible. I recognize he can; I"ve watched him perform it. He have the right to turn the chaos you"re in come an amazing miracle. I understand he can; I"ve seen him carry out it. Whatever difficulty you"ve got, If you just offer it to God, he"ll work-related it out. Exactly how do i know?
I"ve seen him execute it. I"ve seen him execute it. once your life has gone astray, He"ll preserve and cover you through his grace That"s just how God works; I"ve viewed him carry out it. And also he"ll erase her past, So people can never dangle that in your face. That"s exactly how God works; I"ve watched him do it. Once you require a miracle, he"s an ext than capable.

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exactly how do ns know? just how do ns know? God never ever fails, my God never ever fails. I"ve watched him... I"ve viewed him execute it... I"ve viewed him do it. Yes... I"ve seen him carry out it. I"ve watched him execute it.
Yes... I"ve checked out him carry out it. I"ve viewed him do it. I"ve checked out him carry out it. Yes... I"ve watched him perform it. I"ve watched him execute it. Yes... I"ve viewed him do it. I"ve checked out him do it. I"ve checked out him carry out it!



As am writing this am trusting in God to acquire a details job I have the id he will do it because that me, will certainly come back here to testify. I"ve watched him carry out it because that others that will do it for me oh glory come God

I am NEVER exhausted OF LISTENING come THIS SONG, ns WAS emotion SO DOWN and OUT, feeling LOW and also I mental THIS SONG, ns PLAYED IT with THE ENIRE DAY and also PRAISE GOD I"M peak OF THE MOUTAIN as I mental WHAT HE has actually DONE for ME, HE has HEALED ME, ceded ME, PROVIDED, COMFORTED when MY HSUBAND DIED, the KEEPS DOING it OVER and also OVER and OVER AGAIN IN my LIFE, I"VE seen HIM execute IT, thank YOU JESUS

I don’t see one testimonial, stating God aided them to save the Commandments and also Laws even in scenarios of captivity....Stating having the Victory, even though they had to work-related on the Sabbath just to store their task to support their family; envolking Galatians 6:9: no being weary doing well to the best of mine will perform keep the Laws, Ststues and also Commandments in a lawless society. All praises the the many High carried you through, and saved your herbal life...nothing away from that. Obtaining to the marital relationship Feast/Supper that the Lamb is my target...overcoming “this” world.

I have seen him do it over & over again......God always come through.....Thanks kurt for this testimony.....may God continue to bless your ministry.

I seen God perform it! MY mam was hospitalized because that 15 days. Surgery was 6 10 mins . My wife bowels stop and also God brings her out and she singing preaching and giving God the Glory!

After mine mother"s death May past, my faith was not correct a bit! This song reminds united state that God is real! It"s full of inspiration! Thanks!

I to be told that ns only less than 15 percent chance to conceive naturally. I now have actually 2 amazing boys. Glory be to God.

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The awesomeness the ministering song is that they never period but constantly on time... No matter the year.

This song has crossed me through many turbulents over the years and also return come God v this song to remember mine sister that is in India because that Cancer Treatment. Ns am a witness, He has done the before and He will do it again. Bless friend

When ever I play this song I feel something in ~ me and I cry a lot of expecially the second women came in singing I favor her vim