I wanna be a billionaire so f*(kin` bad.

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Buy all of the things I never ever had.Uh. I wanna it is in on the cover of Forbes magazine,Smiling alongside Oprah and also the Queen.Oh every time ns close mine eyes,I see my name in shining lights.Yeahh, a different city every night.Oh ns - I swear, the world far better prepare for once I`m a billionaire.Yeah I would have actually a display like Oprah.I would be the hold of, day-to-day Christmas.Give Travie a great list.I`d more than likely pull an Angelina and also Brad Pitt,And take on a bunch that babies the ain`t never had sh-t!Give away a few Mercedes like below lady have this,And last but not least give somebody your last wish.Its to be a pair months since I`ve single so,You can contact me Travie Claus minus the Ho Ho.Haa, get it?I`d more than likely visit whereby Katrina hit,And cursed sure do a lot an ext than FEMA did.Yeah can`t forget around me stupid,Everywhere ns go Imma have my own theme music.Oh every time ns close my eyes,(what chu see, what chu check out bro?)I view my surname in shiny lights.(uh huh). Ahh, yes yeah. (what else?)A different city every night.Oh i - I swear, the world much better prepare..(for what?)For when I`m a billionaire.(yeah!)Oh oooh five oooh,(Sing it)When I`m a Billionaire.Oh oooh five oooh.(let`s go)I`ll be play basketball through the President,Dunking ~ above his delegates.Then I`ll compliment that on his politics etiquette.Toss a pair milli in the air simply for the heck of it.But store the fives, twentys, tens in bins fully separate.Yeah I`ll be in a whole new tax bracket.We in recession however let me take it a crack at it.I`ll probably take whatevers left and just separation it up.So everybody that ns love can have a pair bucks.And, no a solitary tummy around me would understand what hungry was.Eating good, resting soundly.I understand we all have a comparable dream.Go in her pocket, pull out your wallet, put it in the air and also sing..

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I wanna be a billionaire so frickin` bad.(So bad)Buy every one of the points I never had.(Buy everything, haa)Uh. I wanna it is in on the covering of Forbes magazine.Smiling beside Oprah and also the Queen.(What increase Oprah? Haaa!)Oh every time ns close mine eyes,(what chu see, what chu watch bro?)I check out my surname in glowing lights.(uh huh). Ahh, yes yeah. (what else?)A different city every night.Oh (yeah yes yeah)I - i swear, the world far better prepare..(for what?)For once I`m a billionaire.(yeah!)Oh oooh five oooh,(Sing it)When I`m a Billionaire.Oh oooh five oooh.I wanna it is in a billionaire (uh huh)so frickin` bad!
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