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"For the Love of You" (sometimes title "For the Love of friend (Part 1 & 2)") is a song videotaped by The Isley Brothers, who released the tune as the second single off their landmark 1975 album, The warm Is On. The document was unique in the it describe the 2 sides that the act, through the album"s very first single "Fight the Power" reflecting a fast-paced funk vibe while showcasing a ballad next on the latter. The track later became a crossover hit for the brothers and also one of their most enduring documents by their legion the fans. An ext »

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YeahWell, well, wellYeah, heyYeahHey, heyOhDriftin" top top a memoryAin"t no ar I"d fairly beThan v you, yeahLovin" you, well, well, wellDay will certainly make a way for nightAll we"ll need is candlelightAnd a song, yeahSoft and also long, well, oohGlad to beHere, alone, v a lover uneven no otherSad come seeA new horizon gradually comin" into view, yeahI wanna it is in livin"For the love the you, oh, yes, i amAll the I"m givin"Is because that the love the you, alright now, ohLovely together a beam of sunThat touch me as soon as the mornin" comesFeels an excellent to me, yeahMy love and me, wellSmoother 보다 a tenderness breezeFlowin" v my mind through easeSoft as can be, wellWhen you"re lovin" me, once you"re lovin" me, ohLove come beRidin" the tide of her love, enchanted v your touchAnd it appears to meWe might sail together in and also out of mystery, wellI wanna it is in livin"For the love the you, alright nowAll that I"m givin"Is for the love that you; you obtained me, girlI wanna it is in livin"For the love that you, alright nowAll the I"m givin", givin"Is for the love that you, oh, yes, ns amParadise I have withinCan"t feeling insecure againYou"re the key, wellAnd this i see, for i seeNow and also then I shed my wayUsin" words that try to sayWhat ns feel, yeahLove is real, oh, love is real, ohI could as wellSign my name on a card, which might say that betterTime will tell"Cause it appears that I"ve done just around all the I deserve to doI know that I"m livin"For the love that you, oh, yes, i amI recognize that I"m livin"For the love, love the youEvery, every work I"m livin"For love the youI"m livin" for the loveEach and every dayI"m, oh, whoa, I"m, oh, yes, ns amI wanna to speak it one more timeSaid I"m livin"For the loveEach and every job I"m, oh, whoa, I"mLord knows ns amWrite that downSaid the I"m livin"For the love, love the youOh, oh

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The Isley brothers The Isley brothers ( /ˈaɪzliː/ YZ-lee) are an American musical team consisting of brother Ron and also Ernie Isley. The starting members of the band were Ronald Isley, enlarge brothers Rudy and also Kelly and also younger brothers Vernon. Originally created as a gospel quartet, adhering to the death of brothers Vernon, the continuing to be trio released a career into doo-wop scoring v their an initial million-selling fight single, "Shout", in 1959.

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Follow-up successes came with the 1962 single, "Twist and also Shout" and also the 1966 Motown single, "This Old heart of Mine (Is Weak because that You)". Much more »