The over answer is wrong because he mis review the question it seems. It is asking for the aspect, not mores subsets. The answer is 10 facets, i did this on my assignmthedesigningfairy.comt and also acquired it appropriate.

(10 facets..........) 2^(10)=1024A discrete collection through n facets has 2^n subsets. 2^n=1024 means tright here are n=10 aspects in this collection. Any subcollection via 0 via n-1 elemthedesigningfairy.comts is a appropriate subcollection of the collection, as in each of those instances tright here exists at leastern one facet of the set that is not in the subset, which is the necessity to be a correct subset. As such, we have 1023 proper subsets.

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Historically, the proportion of people who trade in their old vehicle to a automobile dealer once purchasing a new vehicle is 48%. Over the pre

Answer: The proportion of brand-new automobile buyers that profession in their old vehicle has statistically substantially reduced.

Step-by-step explanation:

Due to the fact that we have provided that

p = 48% = 0.48

n = 115

x = 46



So, hypothesis would be


So, test value would certainly be


At 10% level of significance, crucial worth would be

z= 1.28

Due to the fact that 1.28 6 0

Haha, componthedesigningfairy.comt of my last now was around this! Don"t concern, I acquired you!y=2/3x-4(the 2/3 is intthedesigningfairy.comded to be a fraction)
5 0

8 0

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6 0


initially item = 1.88in

second piece= 3.76in

third piece = 26.32in

32 = f + s + t

1st item = f

second item = s

3rd piece = t

what we know:

s = 2f

t = 2(7f)

32 = f + 2f + 2(7f)

32 = 3f +14f

32 = 17f

f = 1.88

now sub in:

f = 1.88

s = 3.76

t = 26.32 you include these together you gain 31.96, once you round up you get 32 which is the original item of steel.