Billy Currington (image from Youtube)Billy Currington reflects us exactly how to confess love come a woman, through a vulnerable yet manly mode. His single, “Let Me down Easy,” released in October 2010, is a ballad that slowly and also soulfully highlights Currington’s suave voice.

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If ns fall, can you allow me down easy?If i leave my heart v you tonightWill girlfriend promise me that you’re gonna treat that right?I’m right hangin’ onIf ns fall, have the right to you permit me under easy?

Before we discover the song, let’s first know Billy Currington as a man.

Billy Currington

Born William Matthew Currington, he was a naturally talented guy raised in Savannah Georgia. He to be a junior in Effingham ar High School as soon as he bravely auditioned for Opryland, a renowned nation music template park in Nashville, i beg your pardon is additionally billed as a “Home that American Music.” though Currington failure to pass the audition, the did not give up and also decided to relocate to Nashville to pursue his music career goals, ~ finishing high school. The made a life by to sing for bars, and afterwards as a an individual trainer in one concrete company.

Luckily, that met a customer that assisted him through his demo recordings and also his songwriting career. He then had actually cuts by nation stars such as Marty Raybon, George Strait, and Tracy Byrd. He eventually signed to Mercury Records in 2003.

Billy Currington (image native Speakerpedia)

First single, early stage victory

Currington exit his very first single, “Walk a small Straighter” top top September 23. The track narrates his rocky connection with his alcohol addict stepfather. The lines encompass a expression that that wrote once he was 12. The tune peaked to number 8 ~ above the Hot nation Songs graph that additionally opened a door because that Currington to end up being a major country demonstrate in Nashville. His duet with Shania Twain likewise helped increase his exposure. He subsequently released albums and singles that repeatedly topped the charts.

And one of the access time that recorded the listeners’ ear is “Let Me under Easy.” The song led to a serenade that deserve to melt the love of whoever it’s committed to. Songwriters mark Nesler, Jennifer Hanson, and also Marty Dodson an unified their an imaginative talents to finish the lyrics and also melody the the song. Together for Currington, he immediately recorded the tune after hear the demo together it reflects his brand of music.

Listen come Currington’s voice and also see if it i will not ~ let you under easy.

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