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"If I Ruled the World" is a popular song, composed by Leslie Bricusse and Cyril Ornadel, which was originally from the 1963 West End musical Pickwick (based on Charles Dickens"s The Pickwick Papers). In the context of the stage musical, the song is sung by Samuel Pickwick, when he is mistaken for an election candidate and called on by the crowd to give his manifesto. Ornadel and Bricusse received the 1963 Ivor Novello award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically. The song is usually associated with Sir Harry Secombe, who got the song to No 18 in the UK charts in 1963. Tony Bennett originally recorded the song in 1965, and had a number 34 hit with it on the U. S. pop singles charts. With Celine Dion, he returned to the song on his Grammy-winning 2006 album Duets: An American Classic. It has been performed by other singers, notably Robert Goulet, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Tom Jones and Regina Belle. Andy Hallett, the actor best known for playing the part of Lorne ("The Host") in the television series Angel, sang the song in that series" final episode. The politician-spoofing BBC panel show If I Ruled the World was named after the song.more »

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If I ruled the worldEvery day would be the first day of springEvery heart would have a new song to singAnd we"d sing of the joy every morning would bringIf I ruled the worldEvery man would be as free as a birdEvery voice would be a voice to be heardTake my word we would treasure each day that occurredMy world would be a beautiful placeWhere we would weave such wonderful dreamsMy world would wear a smile on its faceLike the man in the moon has when the moon beamsIf I ruled the worldEvery man would say the world was his friendThere"d be happiness that no man could endNo my friend, not if I ruled the worldEvery head would be held up highThere"d be sunshine in everyone"s skyIf the day ever dawned when I ruled the world

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Tony Bennett Anthony Dominick Benedetto, better known as Tony Bennett (born August 3, 1926), is an Italian-American singer of popular music, standards, show tunes, and jazz. Bennett is also a serious and accomplished painter, having created works—under the name Anthony Benedetto—that are on permanent public display in several institutions.

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He is the founder of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York City. more »