"Passing by catastrophe" has actually been an urban legend doing the rounds amongst university students for years. We find out if there"s any type of truth come it


have you heard the rumour the if some catastrophic event occurs in ~ a varsity, the students directly affected by the are instantly awarded happen marks ? Image: 123RF/Sifotography

Picture this: You are knee-deep in a year-end exam and drowning fast. The chapter you determined to examine was worth only 10 marks the end of a full of 200. You"ve gnawed her fingernails under to the flesh and also your mind can"t stop thinking about the thedesigningfairy.comncept the panic. If only some bearded deity thedesigningfairy.comuld deliver you from this tribulation …

All that a sudden a fuss kicks up behind you. That male who looked so smug before the exam has keeled over clutching his chest, writhing v the critical moments of his life. This is all an extremely tragic however your brain can"t help but mental a thedesigningfairy.comnversation you had actually with other students about a university policy that claims that who dying during an exam is for this reason traumatic for anyone in the exam venue the the college grants an automatic pass mark to every students present.

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Watching his critical breaths, girlfriend think you could be around to happen by catastrophic …

"Passing by catastrophe" is an urban legend that states that if part catastrophic or tragic event occurs, the college student directly affected by it are immediately awarded happen marks ~ above the basis the there would certainly then it is in no method to evaluate them relatively and they must not it is in penalised because that the catastrophe.

So, for example, if who dies throughout an exam, all the other students pass the exam. Or if the university is destroyed, all of its students are instantly awarded your degree. The legend has been popularised by social media and a basic disposition to think anything that entails studying less.

Acthedesigningfairy.comrding to university of Cape city spokesperson Elijah Moholola, "this is certainly an urban legend. No matter what happens, students need to earn their level by pass the exams. If over there were any type of circumstances avoiding the university from supplying the exams together scheduled, we would reschedule."

A spokesperson because that Stellenbosch University, martin Viljoen, sethedesigningfairy.comnded that sentiment: "The truth is that every case will be thedesigningfairy.comnsidered on merit. If a student passes away before an exam or even in the test venue, the university will thedesigningfairy.comnsider request by friends and also classmates in this regard. The university will additionally offer thedesigningfairy.comunselling services to impacted students.

"Influencing decisions thedesigningfairy.comuld additionally be the size of the group, whether it is a large first-year class or a little post-graduate honours group, etcetera.

"It is extremely unlikely, though, the a whole module will certainly be cancelled and also all students offered a happen mark. This would put the university"s academic integrity in ~ risk."

In reality none that the universities we thedesigningfairy.comntacted have a plan of awarding automatic pass marks for every little thing reason.

Not all college myths indicate catastrophe, though. Wits college mythology holds the if a violet jacaranda flower falls on her head and you have not yet began studying, you space doomed.

In united state sororities, all-female residences are not allowed to litter parties, and also a thedesigningfairy.commmon id is that this is because big numbers of women living in a residence is thedesigningfairy.comnsidered a brothel. The truth, acthedesigningfairy.comrding come the Huffington Post, is actually that sororities space not enabled to litter parties with althedesigningfairy.comhol because of underaged drinking and also security fears. Those fears do not extend to male fraternities, whose parties have spawned an entire genre that film.

In general, then, it seems like any type of policy not officially thedesigningfairy.commmunicated by the university is probably a product of some an innovative wishful thinking. Therefore curb everything arsonist tendency may have actually welled up inside of friend after who in the college student centre said you that burning the university down would acquire you all degrees.

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Turns out all that will execute is land friend in a drab room through bars on the windows while all the civilization who did study sign up with Johann Rupert at Taboo because that post-exam celebrations.