Given the adhering to bill of material. If the demand for product A is 50 units, what will certainly be the gross necessity for ingredient E? 300 100 200 250.

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Expert Answer

Answer: a. 300

Given that the product A is consisted of of parts B, C and also D, i m sorry in turn, is make of various other sub-components, i m sorry are compelled to make product A.

Given the adhering to bill that material. If the need for product A is 50 units, what will be the gross…

The target is estimate the number of components E forced to produce 50 systems of product A. Native the reality that every product needs 3 components #C, which additional require 2 materials of #E, it can concluded that every product needs 6 components of #E.

The number of #E components required = 6 * no of product A forced = 6 * 50 = 300 components

Thus, 300 materials of #E is compelled to do 50 units of product A.



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