“If girlfriend Asked Me To” peaked in ~ #79 ~ above the Billboard warm 100, #10 on Billboard’s warm R&B Singles chart and #11 ~ above Billboard’s Adult modern chart in 1989.The song was… check out More 

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Used come be the I thought in somethingUsed to be the I believed in loveIt's to be a lengthy time because I've had that feelingI might love someoneI can trust someoneI stated I'd never let nobody near my love again, darlingI said I'd never let nobody inBut...If you asked me toI just might adjust my mindAnd let friend in my life foreverIf girlfriend asked me toI just can give my heartAnd stay right here in your arms foreverIf friend asked me toIf you asked me toSomehow ever since I've been around youCan't go ago to being on my ownCan't aid feeling, darling, since I've discovered youThat I've uncovered my homeThat I'm ultimately homeI said I'd never let nobody get too close to me, darlingI said I needed, essential to be free
If friend asked me toI simply might change my mindAnd let girlfriend in my life foreverIf friend asked me toI just can give my heartAnd stay here in her arms foreverIf you asked me toIf you...Ask me to and also I will give my world to you, babyI need you nowAsk me to and I'll perform anything for you, babyFor you, baby(If friend asked me to)I'll let you in my life forever(If friend asked me to)All friend gotta perform is asking me toI'll give you my worldI'll offer you mine heartI'll provide you anythingJust asking me, babyOh, I'll carry out anything you desire me toJust questioning me, yesAll you've gotta do is asking me toIf friend asked me toI'd give my lifeAll friend gotta perform is ask me toIf you asked me toI'd let friend in mine life...

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“If girlfriend Asked Me To” peaked at #79 on the Billboard hot 100, #10 top top Billboard’s warm R&B Singles chart and also #11 on Billboard’s Adult contemporary chart in 1989.

The song was created by Diane Warren and also was featured top top the soundtrack to the James Bond film “License come Kill.”

In 1992, Celine Dion spanned the song which charted greater than the original version did.

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